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Sunday Through Someday

There are three Republican presidential candidates well versed in Latino culture. Two are Hispanic themselves and one is married to a Hispanic. While rhetoric on the Democrat side never ceases, it should be obvious to any Latino paying attention, Democrats do all the talking and Republicans demonstrate the action. There has been an eternal struggle to inform Latinos there is a wide difference between talking inclusion and actually including. Historically, Republicans have been the party, which initiates the action, and Democrats are the party who inexplicably get the credit. There are currently three Latino Republican governors including Susana Martinez, the first Latina governor in U.S. history. Zero Latino Democrat governors. Zero Democrat Latino presidential candidates.
Civil rights for Latinos and blacks has been an uphill battle and history will show the Democrats were consistently blocking the hill. Starting with freedom for the slaves. Lincoln freed the slaves and was tragically shot by a Democrat antagonist working as a confederacy support foursome to set civil rights aback. Today, blacks inexplicably credit Democrats for their freedom. There has been no shortage of hypocrisy. Three white conservatives founded the NAACP to provide legal cover to the minority movement. The first NAACP Executive Director was white. In today’s world those white conservative founders are conveniently forgotten. Rewriting history cannot disguise the fact the NAACP was intentionally formed on Lincoln’s birthday by this group of white men and announced to the world in Springfield, Illinois, where Lincoln is buried.
Democrats were obstinate and resisted passage of the Civil Rights Act. Al Gores family, the darling of the oppressed led the southern legislative civil rights blockade. Democrats talk a good game but when it came to immigration it was Republican, Ronald Reagan in 1986 who provided amnesty to 5 million Latinos with the understanding the border would be secured. It never was secured which caused today’s undocumented dilemma. In today’s convoluted immigration reform, Democrats have by-passed congress, muddied the waters with illegal quasi executive order memos and thrown the entire immigration issue onto the courts. An ingenious way to stall and disrupt the legitimate congressional process while stepping a side from the blame and pointing fingers at Republicans.
My open discussion about creation of legitimate avenues to legislatively address immigration is continuous but the steel door of false dogma believed by Latinos can be impenetrable.
Latinos now have a chance to support a Latino presidential candidate but must be ready to suffer the barrage of propaganda aimed at discrediting Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz. Already Latino journalists have come out blasting Rubio on Immigration and Cuba. Rubio espouses a gradual approach towards legal immigration with border security and is resistant in bringing Cuba into the fold without any meaningful human rights concession.
A Latino writer with USA Today falsely contends all Latinos want big oppressive government and support Obama Care. Expressing his bias, he claims Rubio is “a new face amongst rancid ideas”. The three seated Republican; Latino governors are all rancid in his eyes. Latinos tied with mainstream media will work overtime spouting talking points provided by the Democrat party. Not even aware enough to understand they are being exploited, used and spit out once elections are over. Latinos are being waltzed by the democrat establishment to be against Americanized culture and opt for nothing instead of their own instilled conservative values.
Ignorance of the truth will be a large factor in the 2016 elections. Those questioning the Democrats status quo will be chastised, smeared and hung by their collective egos. In their eyes, all negative political commentary against Democrats must be eradicated. Mainstream media will serve as mindless clappers as they write contrived obituaries of Republican candidates who do not fit the liberal agenda. Uninformed, low information voters will make judgment not based on reality but rather on a false perception. They accept finger pointing as an integral part of achievement and disregard the fact we are all in the same boat as a nation. Democrat politicians have built their reputations on what someday they are going to do. Amigos, someday is not on the calendar!