Straight “A” Student seeks help to Fund Student Ambassador Trip

Coachella, CA

Coachella resident MariJane Alaniz, a 5th grade student at Cesar Chavez Elementary School, has been given an opportunity to represent the United States as a Student Ambassador to Australia because of her 4.0 grade point average and high scores in the school’s GATE Program.

Alaniz, who is 11 years old, is the only student in the city of Coachella chosen this year to participate in the Student Ambassador Program run by the organization known as People to People. The Student Ambassadors will go to Australia for two weeks to study Aborigine culture and history, learn about ocean life by scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef and visiting historical sites.

MariJane is working hard to raise funds so she can participate in the program and is asking for donations from local businesses and residents to help pay for the trip. To help sponsor her trip, please call MariJane’s mother, Maria Alaniz at (760) 464-9854.

About People to People Student Ambassadors

Traveling to the South Pacific, Asia, Europe and many other destinations, People to People Student Ambassador Programs offer students in grades 5-12 life-changing educational travel opportunities that foster friendship, build the foundation for personal success, and offer unique access to people, places, and activities. Program delegations are built around local communities, so students make friends locally before they travel globally

Student Ambassadors represent their school, community, state, and country while traveling abroad. They learn about other cultures, engage in fun activities, and meet local citizens. Student Ambassadors come from diverse backgrounds, but share common traits: a curious and adventurous spirit, an open mind and heart, the desire to learn about other cultures and people, and the belief in President Eisenhower’s vision that each person can make a difference and help to achieve peace through understanding.