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Stomping on A Dream

Obama as the Pope, would obliterate the Ten Commandments.  We already know his solution to solving Americas constitutional rights. It is to simply erase, side step or ignore articles or amendments which complicate his political agenda. From the bully pulpit, he is political party agenda driven. He emphatically makes the point gutting the second amendment to the constitution, “right to bear arms”, is a principle goal of his. How does this mesh with terrorists who couldn’t care less about our constitution, our laws  or political correctness?
According to the totem pole of Democrat issues, the United States needs to soften its stance on liberty and personal responsibility. Harden federalism, governmental restraints, ignore historical precedents and the morality of the government vs. the individual. As a nation, we have been taught the value of the constitution, we have been taught to value our freedoms and we have been taught to defend  these principles which make us who we are. We have never been taught the government knows best and taught to become subservient to elected leaders. Our current leadership demands we mind our own damn business and let them run the nation.
There are mushrooming within our midst a multiple of issues only the oblivious to reality cannot see. Misguided, totally incompetent politicians are reducing the populous framework of liberty, constitutional rights and individual safety. Through the misapplied notion of political correctness our current government leadership has become completely lax on vigilant immigration which is now coupled with terrorism. Terrorism is taking center stage as the primary concern as incidents of Muslim Jihad springs up in our own backyard.
We see the Middle East as the Pandora’s box which will explode next within our homeland. A shear lack of leadership is preventing us from regaining what Americans have always counted on, protection by our leaders. The United States has enormous power to control ISIS, both military and fiscal.The JV team as labeled by our Commander in Chief is taking the fight to our whimsical leader and making mince meat out of his photo op, school yard bravado signifying nothing. Defeating ISIS one terrorist at a time is delusional.
Donald Trumps entry into this seasons political fray has awakened the 41% who now rely on him to express their disgust and lack of leadership anywhere in Washington. As if on cue, status quo, entrenched Republicans are angered and plotting to expel the only candidate willing to tell it like it is. As if the 41% descended from a concealed limbo, another place, another time. Many Americans still cherish the generations who fought for our security, freedoms and liberties. Security, freedoms and liberties which have been minimized, abolished or are in the process of being given away by a leadership too submerged in political correctness. Our enemy does NOT pay homage to political correctness or our leaderships inclination to “play nice”. They see naïveté, weakness and an unparalleled opportunity to destroy our sense of security and our nation.
As the song goes, “some people get their kicks by stomping on a dream”. Conscious Americans know we are in the midst of fighting for our dreams. Establishment politicians on both sides see this current cultural clash as their opportunity to don the political robes of leadership and are more concerned with personal egos than saving our American way of life.
Thinking Americans grow weary of our constantly gyrating politics. Politics which is mostly grubby, grasping, contemptible and corrupt masquerading as our salvation. Politics is the driver of history, it is still to be determined whether we live long enough to get it right.
For those who believe the political spin, global warming is our deadliest threat, you need to wake up. The world is being overrun by psychopaths . There are nuclear weapons in the hands of a tyrant in North Korea, religious zealots capable of world nuclear obliteration in Iran, lethal biological agents in route to ISIS and mad Jihadist terrorists spreading death across the globe.
Politics, guides our nation, It will control where we end up. Do we support Trump who is considered too callous when speaking the truth or Hillary who cannot speak truth? Hillary seeks to hypnotize the establishment, rewrite rules and win her own kingdom. Lies and deceit make ideas worthless. Americans should see Obama/Hillary as arm linked calamity both represent a mindless link of buzzwords.