State of the Union Speech Declared a Sleeper

September Storm/La Prensa Hispana

For many listeners of the presidents State of the Union address, it was just another political speech. The president took bits and pieces from his unfulfilled campaign promises, scrambled them around and came out with the State of the Union sleeper. He apparently slipped in a portion of a John McCain Republican Party platform and uncharacteristically advanced the thought of using our own plentiful American resources to produce energy including nuclear.

Obama insinuated today’s complexity of problems were left to him from the previous administration and even scolded the Justices of the Supreme Court, the nations third branch of power for not adhering to his preconceived agenda. An unofficial poll conducted by telephone on Fox News showed 87% of respondents thought it was a terrible speech. CNN viewers on the other hand were praising the speech even before Obama gave it. Obama does intend on proceeding with the health care bill, global warming legislation and recycled, endless, empty campaign promises.

For our readers who are mostly Latinos, Obama did have a message. Let me paraphrase what he said, “Hi aliens, we know you are here lining up to join my unions and vote for us forever. We are going to solve your immigration problems. Even though we keep ignoring you, we love ya”. That was about it. For Latinos who out of tradition vote Democrat 95% of the time, that’s probably not only enough, that is all they are going to get. The president did not give many details on anything and completely ignored terrorists being lawyered up and given Miranda Rights and Gitmo Bay which he does not seem to have any solutions for.

In the final analysis of the State of the Union speech, it can be summarized by a Freddie Fender song where he melodiously proclaims, “if you do not like the peaches, walk on by the tree.”

As of this writing, America sees the president as too engrossed in swatting at neo ideological flies gathering as a consequence of his controlling party herd mentality. Americans are beginning to express the fact they expect more from their Commander in Chief. The thought is “aguila non capit muscas” derived from our predisposition to believe, “an eagle does not catch flies.” The American symbol has always been short on rhetoric; and bold and strong on action. Americans want a president who is aggressive in protecting our freedoms, the constitution and our homeland. Unfortunately, this speech did not assuage the growing feelings of a disconnect with home town America.