<!--:es-->Stanley L. Sniff, 
the New Sheriff 
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Stanley L. Sniff, the New Sheriff for Riverside County

Stanley L. Sniff was selected to be the next Sheriff for Riverside County. He was selected by County Supervisors on Monday, September 17th. Sheriff Sniff has a 32 year history with the Riverside County Sheriffs Department. Sniff started his career in the city of Coachella in 1975 and is the son of La Quinta Mayor-pro Tem Stan Sniff.

Sniff created and oversaw the valleys first traffic safety program covering the Coachella Valley, as a sergeant for the Riverside County Sheriffs Department. In 1986 he was selected as the Officer of the Year working out of the Indio Sheriff Station.

In 2000, Sniff was elected as President of the Riverside County Law Enforcement Administrators Association. The Association is comprised of 50 senior executives representing all the city police chiefs, county law enforcement, state and federal law enforcement agencies. Sniff who was a Captain at the time was the first individual who had not yet attained the rank of Sheriff to be named to the position.

In 2003 Sniff was awarded the National Defense Award by the Riverside County Sheriffs Department and in 2004 he was appointed as Assistant Sheriff to Bob Doyle.

In 2006 Sniff was fired by Sheriff Doyle when it became rumored Sniff had “Sheriff potential”. Sniff had privately indicated he might be interested in running in 2010. No reason was given by Doyle other than he served as an “at will” employee. There has. been extensive speculation that Sniff was terminated unlawfully 17 days prior to Christmas, on December 8, 2006 when Neil Lingle, under orders from Doyle delivered the termination notice to Sniff with Lt. Andre Ohara as a witness.

In recent days Doyle has attempted to ward off critisizm from top level Sheriff Department Officials and the Riverside County District Attorney. He has indicated there was cause but he can’t say. Most insiders believe it was “cause Sniff was going to run against him”.

Sheriff Sniff has pledged to restore department morale and ethical standards which department insiders claim have drastically deteriorated. He has indicated his intent to create diversity within the ranks and increase accountability of misconduct to those who had no accountability before.

From the perspective of the majority of the Latino community who are in fact law abiding citizens, we look forward to new leadership and perhaps a modicum of respect. The Latino community unfortunately has been characterized as a bunch of illegal aliens and this has fragmented fragile relationships with the Riverside County Sheriffs Department. Community leaders look forward to a renewed effort to work together to restore the feelings of working together as maintained for many years by former Sheriff Larry Smith. We need to do this for the benefit of the entire community.