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Spit Shine with Shinola

A myopic strategy on the part of this administration is placing additional burdens on veterans who have sworn an oath to defend the constitution as well as our nation. Veterans take the “lifetime” oath seriously and many have given their lives or have placed their lives in harms way as the ultimate barrier between our nation and those who would deprive us of our freedoms.
Ego driven politicians with no concept of the meaning of an oath often fail to understand veterans have paid the ultimate price for the right of these politicians to display their smugness. The ultimate insult towards veterans came last week when politicians, including the “Commander in Chief” turned a blind eye to veterans arriving home in flag draped coffins and being denied a burial by the very nation who sent them to war. Real Commanders demand respect for their troops!
The audacity, the ego centric megalomania, the total lack of compassion by these politicians cannot be understood by those who lent their bodies and actually paid for the freedoms all of them are enjoying. Many World War ll veterans who are dying at the rate of 600 per day are expending their last ounces of energy and precious few days to glance at their monument in Washington, D.C. finally erected in their honor. To be turned away by this administration bent on making a point is even more unforgivable than Jane Fonda cavorting with the enemy.
Before some of you jump into a partisan diatribe, let me clear the air and have you understand all it would take is the stoke of a pen called an “Executive Order” and all of this intentionally instigated hardship could have been avoided by the “Commander in Chief” had he so desired. There is ample room here to question WHY he did not? What was reason for the insulting arrogance on display by the last line of defense for veterans who serve?
Recalling my active duty days as a Marine, I can guarantee every leader from squad level up had the interest of his men as a priority. No one is left behind. To be sent home in a body bag after having honorably given your life for your country only to have your own government turn its’ back from honorably receiving your remains, giving you an honorable burial is a shame that can never be forgiven. Honorable is not an overused word when used in the perspective of life and death for your country and your freedoms.
It is obnoxious to hear the President, Senate leader Reid, Nancy Pelosi and the bulk of mainstream media spinning a tale of chaos attempting to justify the dishonor being bestowed on all veterans with the refrain “getting more money is the ultimate salvation for our nation”. The fact is, getting integrity, national trust, honesty and a grip on reality is far more important than simply More Money from the taxpayers! Bear in mind, without veterans you would have no nation!
This nation has defaulted twice, contrary to the presidents asinine assertions, once in 1814 due to the war of 1812 and again in 1979 due to mismanagement of a new system. It was not a desirable outcome nor is it recommended now but we as a nation survived due to real leadership, not dishonest glib speak with no clue nor desire to have honest negotiation and dialogue prevail. Honest dialogue is nowhere to be found.
A solution will be found to kick the can down the road, have the political party in power gloat, raise their hands in victory and never understand they have dealt their veterans a wake up call by demeaning their relevance and turning a blind eye towards their needs. Super political egos are making certain veterans do not obfuscate their posturing. What our politicians who have never served their country do not understand is having served, being a veteran supersedes being a politician, and it supersedes making empty promises and defines real leaders. Veterans having placed their personhood between death and country cannot be understood by educated dunces.
We are talking about political dunces who do not know the difference between “Shit and Shinola” to quote my highly respected mentor Marine Corps DI. For those flag draped coffins, Sgt Wilber would have honorably stood guard all night, grabbed a shovel at sunrise and buried them himself, I have no doubt he would have acted as a one man honor guard and have given them a smart salute as a final send off! Only a few can handle the truth!