“Some Republicans Are Decent People”

As America sits without a budget for five years and now a government shutdown, we are expected to believe it is all the fault of those ignorant Republicans. Some of whom to quote the president “are decent people”. If this had been said about any Democrat leader, media would be having a field day but since it was against a Republican, they fall somewhere in between Christians and patriots and deserve to be ridiculed.
The government partial shutdown , (73% of all services are still ongoing) is nothing new despite what an uninformed president says. This is the 18th time it has happened. The last time was in 95’-96’ and the economy suffered no damage. Republicans have been feverishly submitting bills to keep all of government going with the exception of Obama Care but Senate leader Harry Reid and the president want no part of it and refuse to negotiate. Republicans wanted a one year extension. Making it as difficult as they can on the American public is this administrations intention just like closing theWhite House tours to children and barricading the WWII Museum so it could not be seen from the common walkway. What does a visual sighting have to do with any funding? Nothing but it aggravates people and gives the democrat controlled administration another shot at Republicans, “some of whom are decent people”.
Obama Care is apparently so good, all of congress and theWhite House are exempt from it. So are several multi billion dollar corporations and unions. But the American public must live with it as is. The most frustrating aspect is the denial, parroting and deceit coming from Democrat representatives who faithfully adhere to the Pelosi talking points and you never get a straight answer. By the time the nation learns the truth, it will be too late to turn this train around which is exactly what this administration is counting on.
It is simply amazing how uninformed our citizenry has become. Congress has the power of the purse but this has been invalidated by this administration through chicanery and strong arm-politics coming from the Senate controlled by a handful of loyalists. Once a law has been passed, it cannot be changed or modified without congressional approval yet Obama keeps changing or modifying Obama Care at whim. We have truly become a nation without a constitutional mandate. Much of this Deceit is the result of a complicit media which has now become nothing more than the marketing branch of one party. The checks and balances provided for in our national constitution have been invalidated and accepted by a citizenry devoid of any true historical perspective who now depend almost entirely on the interpretation of events from media and manipulators of our constitutional rights.
No logical thinking person is against health care, what most Americans want is a fair system without the special “opt out clauses” for those who feel they deserve better and want us the taxpayer to suffer the burden. Congress should get NO special consideration! That part of the Health Care law they made certain to read very well. Congressmen have been versed to say” we pay the same” what they don’t tell you is we the taxpayer subsidize the difference. Who subsidizes OUR fee or penalty? Unions, certain corporations and administration favorites have been granted exemptions to where they do not participate at all.
Mexico has socialized medicine and in most instances you wait hours to get a number, then wait more hours to see a nurse practitioner to schedule a visit with a doctor if one is ever available. Fortunately, doctors are allowed to have private practices on the side, this is where those who can afford it go. In the United States, there are health care interpretations eliminating this possibility forcing all except those exempted to stand in line and follow the rules. When the average American gets the full experience of Obama Care, they will understand why socialized medicine is not what you have been led to believe.