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Socialism is Changing Our Nation

Political insiders play by their own rules. We have seen the Obama administration in the past seven years proclaiming rules and the Constitution are obsolete. Constituents are fed continual nonsense and made believe bread and butter is best provided by government. Federal numbers are phony, made to order, no longer valid as barometers of actual circumstance. Unemployment is calculated by eliminating those who have failed to find employment, have run out of benefits. Dropping them from the statistics does not make them employed, it makes them numerically irrelevant. They have become re-election numbers reflecting a false economic improvement.
The Center for Immigrant Studies confirms 51% of immigrant households access welfare. Countering arguments by activists who insist the undocumented are doing us a revenue favor. For non-immigrants, the percentages are not encouraging, 30% now utilize some form of assistance.
Many immigrants struggle to support children. A large share of welfare is received on behalf of U.S. born babies. Hence the importance of so called “anchor babies”. American born infants qualify for financial assistance. The 53 page report derived from census data sheds light on democrat politicians buying votes with American taxpayer dollars. The highest assistance recipients are paid by New York-59%, Texas-57%, California-55% and Florida 42%. If Democrats get their way, 99% of homes in America will be dependent on government; monies taken from the 1% called “the wealthy”.
Arguments in favor of “legal” immigration are deemed socially conservative, that is no accident. The left has been hammering conservatives for wanting “legal” immigration. In sharp contrast, the liberal segment wants “votes”. The security and economic wellness of our nation is reduced to implied bigotry.
What if border security had been implemented as President Reagan wanted in 1985? What if national ID’s had been a primary requirement for employment? Those “what if’s” are too lightly asked and answered. Once border security became a political issue for getting votes for democrats, we were on our way towards altering the character of our nation. Reaganite conservatism became an unacceptable notion.
No matter what each of us define as national security, indifference by a major political party has marred our ability to protect our nation and economy. For too long we have been a nation of listeners and have not been willing to become participants. The intimate private conversation relating to the effect of undocumented immigrants in our country has now reached a crescendo. A crescendo of empty solutions punctuated by the Democrats advance towards “open borders” and instant voter rights. The equally nonsensical counter solution is rounding up the 12 million and shipping them back. Both scenarios are unlikely with “open borders” gaining ground. The simple “shrug of the shoulder” solution now accepted by 66% of America will affect the character of our nation.
Absolution and blanket amnesty is being accepted as least harmful, until election time. We will find a direct link with liberal agendas, government intrusion and a slide towards socialism. The liberal party is now pushing for greater taxation, penalties on self sufficiency, on success, on wealth and committing the damnedest of frauds against advocates of being honest to the precepts of our constitution.
Until now, freedom from theological and political oppression along with open opportunities for self sufficiency had been one of our greatest achievements. These are reasons immigrants by the millions chose to come to America. Today we find thousands of immigrants from different parts of the world arriving to change what we value as a nation. Our religious beliefs and our politics do not conform to theirs. The nation we for centuries struggled to become is under attack. Our clearly naive leadership today forces us to digest their arrogance and accept the pill of ignorance many have already bitten into.