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So Sue Me

The President has changed the ObamaCare, Affordable Care law 28 times. Presidents do not have that authority, only Congress can change a constitutionally passed law. We currently have representatives from both sides of the isle crying foul but in a complete quandary as to what to do. They have two choices, cut funding for Obama Care or go for impeachment of a president who is clearly flaunting his constitutional authority. As a Constitutional Professor, Obama knows the law. He also knows what he can get away with during these trying times where the Senate is controlled by his party and the House of Representatives have yet to find their big boy pants. He knows the general public is in no mood for another impeachment ritual and he is paving the way for a political control election just a few months away. From the Presidents point of view, why not deal with this quandary from a purely Democrat party political perspective? Voters today are very much like Catholics. Near all of them can tell you there were 12 apostles but you would be hard pressed 2000 years after the fact to get Catholics to name them. Ahhh there was Peter, Paul and Mary, no that was a singing group. Might as well say George, Elmer and Todd, half of them might believe you. This is exactly what Mr. President is doing. He is counting on the fact the majority of voters are as naïve as he thinks they are.
The danger in these unconstitutional antics is the fact he sees Congress as a one legged Kangaroo. Congress can one legged hop all over the territory but can’t gain much ground. Who do you blame? Congress for being so wimpy, the President for running the ball on a clear field or the voters who always seem to be getting hot dogs while the political scores are being posted? Probably as many mixed metaphors in here as there are mixed signals coming from every politician in Washington. There is plenty of fault to spread around and the fact the Democrat Party has spent decades refining their recruitment tactics starting in grade school while the Republicans have been wringing their hands is certainly no excuse. America is in deep trouble. We have a handful of representatives and a President who are running rampant with our country and the answer continues to be “so sue me”. A two party system is essential to preserving our Constitution. Since all politics is local, every district will have to decide which Democrat must go. Democrats know this. They also know what issues drive voters to their side and in a very little known fact, let me reveal to you now, “politicians LIE”; most especially incumbents running for re-election. So if you are in a district where the incumbent is a Democrat and running for re-election, I would only believe half of what he/she says and none of what they claim they meant to say. I totally agree Obamas intentional misstatements do not count as lies. They are only deceitful fabrications. In health care terms since that is one of the prevalent topics of chicanery, a misstatement would be a colonoscopy without Vaseline and a fabrication would be a colonoscopy with Vaseline. The cost however is the same as per IRS rules and it all comes with a secret copy of NSA film.
Just as we see Neanderthal man as a primordial representation of what mankind has evolved to, we have to understand we are the ancestors of an age to come. Yes, we will be laughed at by our descendants in the future. We also will be labeled as the retards we are for allowing the greatest experiment in Democracy to be stolen from us right before our eyes; Stolen not by foreign invaders but by our own leaders.