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Sharia law Coming to America

Many Americans have been enjoying swimming in the pool of popular culture for the past seven years. Little attention has been paid to the fact the pool has been draining. It has often been said, “ every age gets the leadership it deserves”. As voters, the decision was to make history, elect an untested community organizer who had a history of dabbling in socialism, had been liberally schooled in Muslim culture and had spent part of his youth learning and being indoctrinated in Islam. This should not be held against him but it should clarify why 53% of Americans believe our president is a Muslim. All presidential contenders, including Hillary Clinton, who has espoused uncertainty should not be criticized for their honest confusion. Being confounded by our presidents history and his seemingly lack of coherent support of Christian values would have little relevance were it not for the Cold War we find ourselves in with the Middle East. The continuos diatribe being espoused by the Ayatollahs and Muslim leaders swearing before their God we are “dead meat” along with Israel can have a disheartening affect on our sense of acceptance.
With our President and his sycophant Democrat supporters singleminded intent on giving our Muslim vocal antagonists “$150 BILLION” dollars to carry on their anti-American and anti Israel campaigns, it leaves the door open for quandary and speculation. Along with the $150 Billion, thanks to a profound naïveté in negotiating, we will also willingly turn a blind eye to Iran’s nuclear proliferation which can declare “Good-Bye America” in the blink of an eye. Is it really any wonder America is confused? No! What is baffling is why 47% of our nation just shrugs their shoulders and follows the yellow brick road skipping along to please the wizard. As we know, the Wizard of Oz was a sham, a fabrication, a figment of the imagination, a conniver shielded by a curtain, directing his flock through suggestive thought.
In today’s political arena, pro-America politicians are getting pummeled by the 43% who don’t want to hear conflicting viewpoints. The 43% includes mainstream media who have a burr up their ass when it comes to defending our nation. Presidential contenders like Trump and Carson have become the bad guys for simply questioning the status quo. In reality, the bad guys are us for failure to question what is in our face. We in truth are the bad guys for allowing American values to be trampled, allowing culture and race divisiveness, for allowing law enforcement to become the step children in our society and for allowing socialistic partnerships to rip us apart while they bring in new cloth in a variety of shades of yellow. As a nation we are not jingoistic if we choose to support our fought for way of life.
As Americans, we have failed to stand together in support of the virtues which brought us to the pinnacles of success as the United States. Donald Trumps motto, “Let’s make America great Again” is not a goal, it is an imperative to survive as a nation. Secretary of State, John Kerry’s pronouncement the United States will be accepting 185,000 refugees from the Middle East should send up a red flag. We will be bringing in a culture who hates us, a religion who defines Sharia law as the final word, above the constitution or governments. Ben Carson was right in questioning the sanity of having a Muslim president. What country could you possibly have where the constitution and Christianity are deemed secondary to Sharia law? You have only to look at the Middle East. If freedom is nothing more than a chance to be better, Sharia law eliminates that possibility and will also,eliminate America as we know it.