Seniors, 85+ Receive Special Attention from Desert Oasis Healthcare

Desert Oasis Healthcare, (DOHC), the premier medical group in the Coachella Valley, is offering at no charge to its Medicare Advantage members, 85 and older, the services of a Senior’s Only Evaluation Clinic, designed to provide care to the most vulnerable, and often overlooked members of our community.

The clinic offers a unique opportunity for DOHC members to spend two and a half hours with a team of caring professionals, including a physician, advanced practice nurse, social worker, and pharmacist and more, all supported by resources not available with any other health care provider in the area. The goal for each senior is to identify common as well as specific medical concerns that if left unrecognized, result in decreased length and quality of life, loss of independence and reduced function. Special emphasis is placed as well on helping these members determine their own advanced directives — thus protecting their best interests should the time come when they cannot make their own medical decisions.

DOHC’s Medical Director, Dr. Marc Hoffing, reports that senior members who take advantage of the program sing its praises. “Our older senior members tell me they love the process,” says Hoffing. “They appreciate being able to spend time sitting and talking with professionals who love working with seniors. And it’s a mutual feeling as far as our doctors and staff is concerned.”

The Senior’s Only Evaluation Clinic is ideal for older seniors who have memory concerns, are experiencing falls or gait problems, suffer from depression, have bladder or bowel conditions, complications resulting from too many medications, as well as other age and health-related issues common in those over 85.

All Medicare recipients still have time to enroll and/or change their Medicare Advantage Plans.

Medicare Open Enrollment Deadline March 31st, 2009

Medicare Open Enrollment is open now until March 31st, 2009! Now is the time for you to choose one of our Medicare Advantage Plans listed below if you have Medicare Parts A and B and a Part D Plan.

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