Senator Jim Battin Issues Request to Agency Secretary

Battin calls on Hickman to explain why molester David Dokich has not been moved from Mead Valley location.

PALM DESERT – Senator Jim Battin (R – La Quinta) called on Rod Hickman, Secretary of the Youth and Adult Correctional Agency (YACA) to make a statement to Mead Valley community regarding the reasons why sex offender David Allen Dokich has not been removed from the community despite the Secretary’s commitment to state lawmakers (including Battin) that the agency would attempt to do so.

“The Secretary committed to me, and other legislators that Dokich would be moved as soon as possible, but that a suitable location had to be found.” Battin stated. “I have been willing to accept that from Secretary Hickman because I understand the public safety concerns he is citing. However, we are far past the time where he needs to be communicating this message directly to the community. They deserve a full explanation as to why Dokich has not been moved. I want this child molester moved, the community wants him moved – everyone involved in this wants him moved, so if he can’t be moved – it is Secretary Hickman’s responsibility to face the community and explain himself.”

Dokich was moved into Battin’s district almost three weeks ago. Corrections officials had sent the required 45 day notification to law enforcement, and law enforcement had begun the public notification process, but a last minute decision by the Parole Division to change the location has created a huge controversy in the local community. Questions have been raised whether YACA officials had broken the 45 day rule with the last minute move. Additionally, questions have been raised as to why Dokich was allowed to be paroled in the first place.

“Nobody wants this predator moved any more than I do. The most responsible thing to do is make sure the community is told the truth, the whole truth, and get their questions answered so they are able to sleep at night. Clearly our state has needed legislative reform on this type of issue for a long time. Secretary Hickman has a responsibility and obligation to us to explain the actions of his agency and what they are doing to protect our community from this predator.” Battin said.