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Self-Congratulatory Myth of Secure Borders set to Bite America in the Arse

Al Vasquez

Opinion Journalist

Lack of leadership in Washington from the Obama administration is the real obstacle to immigration reform. For 18 months, this administration has kept the wet finger on the mouths of expectant Latinos tantalizing them with the coming of the” great legalization”. How this could be expected to be accomplished without first securing the borders is anybody’s guess. States such as Arizona are being overwhelmed by thousands of illegal immigrants crossing on a daily basis at the same time; the Obama administration resists any attempt to stop them. Following the flood of illegal immigrants is an army of narco-trafficker terrorists setting up enclaves ready to fend off all efforts to stop their trade.
Many Latinos are unaware of what is really going on and feel Americans are insensitive to their needs. The reality is undocumented immigrants are the ones at most risk and attempts by Arizona and border states to stop illegal immigration may very well save many of their lives.
Protestors from across the country have taken a queue from the Obama administration and are falling in line with the wishes of those who want immunity to violate American laws be they immigration or drugs. The antics of this administration are aimed to keep their Latino voting bloc in place. Thus far, meaningless skirmishes taking place now instead of relevant immigration reform action seems to be paying off. With 57% of Hispanics giving Obama a vote of approval in comparison with 44% of the U.S. population in general, Obama is comfortable with the fact he has to do nothing for Latinos other than provide lip service as every other Democrat administration has done in years past.
The Latino, Obama numbers are puzzling since an equal number, 57% responded to a recent poll published by AP admit to feeling Obama is not adequately addressing Latino needs. Twenty one percent absolutely admit Obama is doing a poor job in general.
Latinos hate to be proven wrong and since 67% voted for Obama, they refuse to admit they could have bet on the wrong horse to advance their lot. Latinos have yet to learn the only lot which is currently advancing is the malcontents’ intent on destroying America as we know it. Sooner or later, we must all decide to be for America or not to be.
The photos published with this article are of weapons intercepted in route, 80 miles from the border in Mexico traveling in American SUV’s towards the U.S. If this looks eerily close to what is found in Afghanistan, you now get to decide who do you think is right? Arizona who deals with this daily or the Obama administration who keeps telling you, “the border is more secure than ever”.
Mexico is delighted with the fact the Obama administration has managed to slow down Arizona from enforcing the law. We as Americans cannot control the meaning of such a slippery notion as control of our borders. By all indications we are learning this is a polysemic concept and security for America means deprivation to illegal immigrants to others. Between now and November, voters need to decide which side of the fence do you want to be on.