Sam Acosta arrived in the United States at the age of 18 in 1973. As many do when they arrive, Sam took the first employment opportunity that came his way. This auspicious beginning towards achieving the “American Dream” started appropriately enough in a Mexican Restaurant as a dishwasher. Sam learned and progressed in the kitchen where he left after three years aptly recognized as “the cook”.

Sam continued his progress when he was offered the opportunity to learn fencing. Again starting as a laborer apprentice, Sam spent 5 years learning the trade. After 5 years, Sam ventured off and started his own company. Little did he realize the tremendous hardships that awaited him; His limited proficiency in English and his lack of credentials made competing extremely difficult. Understanding what he needed to accomplish, Sam enrolled in Contractors School and was able to complete his requirements and pass the California State Fencing Contractors exam in 1982.

Sam started his fencing business in Morongo Valley as Aztec Fence Company. In 1998 he decided the Coachella Valley offered more opportunities and he opened Sam’s Fence Company at its’ present location.

Sam Acosta has progressed to the point where he is now the employer, with a work force of no less than 25 employees at any given time. He has fencing jobs as far away as Hawaii and frequently works on contracts in the Mexico and USA border area.

Sam now has the capability of giving back to his native homeland where he is helping construct a church in his hometown. Sam is quick to give credit to what he calls “this great nation” that gives everyone the opportunity to prosper. Sam encourages everyone to “be good citizens, strive for your goals, become an asset for this country and I wish the best for everyone”.

66-215 Hwy 86 Thermal, CA.

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