Riverside County Economic Development Agency

Coachella Valley, CA.

How many people does it take to build a fire station, expand a park, and completely rebuild roads in Thousand Palms? Well if the Riverside County Economic Development Agency (EDA) is using your redevelopment tax funds, the answer is a whopping 532 full-time construction jobs! Additional private sector jobs were created in the design phase of all three projects. “EDA is doing all we possibly can to help create full-time jobs for our workforce in the county and in particular in the Coachella Valley. Redevelopment tax dollars are being used in the Thousand Palms community to complete widing of both Varner Road and Monterey. Concurrently, we’re expanding the size of the community park, and building a new fire station & fire training facility,” said Robin Zimpfer, Assistant County Executive Officer for the Economic Development Agency.

Expansion of Thousand Palms Park is 45 percent complete, Varner and Monterey Road improvements are 65 percent complete, and the new fire facilities are 15 percent completed. Supervisor Roy Wilson invested more than $22.6 million of redevelopment funds in these three projects in Thousand Palms.