RINOS  Join Forces

RINOS Join Forces

On perceived racism against minorities, politicians discuss the real issues in the abstract. In today’s world entrenched politicians take every opportunity to jump on bandwagons attempting to make themselves grandeur saviors of many misunderstood fallacies.
It is disheartening to see establishment politicians eager to set in motion their political sentiments against Trump, Republican front runner for president. Politicians who cannot define the difference between Hispanic, Latino, Mexican-American, Puerto Rican or Cuban have suddenly surfaced to chastise Trump for venting against a judge Trump feels is biased against him in ongoing court litigation. There can be no clarity when being politically correct are these politicians only motive. When it comes to minorities it is politically convenient to pretend politicians, more concerned with being re-elected actually know what they are talking about. Establishment politicians do not care about feelings other than their own. Trump is astute enough to see facts being displayed do not add up to the rhetoric. Both, Democrats and Republicans have gone on record defending a judge who has hidden beneath the surface significant clues he is not who he portends to be.
The media has spent no time investigating the significant clues. Trump may not be far from the truth when it comes to this judges mindset. As a layman, not a political clairvoyant, there is clarity on the following facts which on their own give rise to a judges fairness and perceptions. The judges rulings on a business case (Trump University) were intentionally launched into this November election. Facts be damned, the case is now about Trumps racism and his voiced objections. Trump is calling for this judge to recuse himself in this case based on a perceived bias. RACIST is shouted against Trump from every political pulpit while ignoring key facts.
Fact # 1:This judge was appointed by Obama, unequivocally against Trumps presidential candidacy, endorses Hillary and his law firm are major Hillary contributors. No mystery here!
Fact # 2: This judge calls himself a Mexican- American.
Fact #3: This judge is a member of “La Raza” a left leaning organization of Latinos seeking justice or restitution for historical slights against Mexicans.
Fact # 4: This judge has already ruled against Trump on issues which could have been judiciously set aside. The original plaintiff was dismissed by the court. Not controversial enough.
Fact #5: Trump opponents, doubters and reluctant Republican supporters are using this case as a launching opportunity to re-build their “anybody but Trump” war chest.
Fact#6: Media has gratuitously jumped on the bandwagon with more ammunition against Trump, we all know the record of their true anti Trump sentiments.
The difference between this Trump case and Hillary’s e-mail fiasco is clear. The State Department has declared they can only release 42 of the 30,000 hidden e-mails per day concluding it will take America “75 years” to see the extent of Hillarie’s lawless approach to national security. As Hillary advocates! “What difference does it make”? With the White House on your side, none! The American electorate is witnessing an orchestrated anti-Trump bias using a judge who proclaims himself to be a minority rather than an American, born and raised in the United States. Why self identify as a Mexican-American? Mexican first, when you are in fact an American who has never lived in Mexico? The answer given is his parents were from Mexico. So? When will he declare himself to be an American? This judge would NOT be accepted in Mexico as a “Mexican”. Mexico authorities do not recognize Mexican-American’ s as having any rights or standing in Mexico, we ourselves enforce these self proclaimed Mexican rights here in the United States. Ignorance of how legally irrelevant Mexican-Americans are in Mexico to a great extent IS the problem. Why do only 4 out of 10 Mexicans living in the U.S. choose to become American citizens? Answer: They chose to be accepted in Mexico rather than in the United States. Mexicans historically stay tethered emotionally to Mexico.
Republicans in name only, RINOS; Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham and others are showing their true colors; feeding at the trough of political correctness for their convenience. They have zero understanding. Their tough stance against Trump, is a vivid contrast to the weak kneed stance against Obama’s lawless over-reach. This highlights Republicans own invalidation.