Reticence in Support of Israel, not a Good Sign

Al Vasquez

The tiny nation of Israel is again under siege from an international consortium of nations known for thousands of years to hate Jews. The irony is the United States is giving credence to these anti-Jewish nations by not immediately declaring our stance to protect Israel’s right to exist.

American Jew’s will perhaps too late realize current political leaders are primarily interested in their 25% of campaign funds collected than they are in the less than 2% of the vote they represent. It is unfortunate our president was trained to vote “present” while in the U.S. Senate and has carried on this traditional non-response to his higher office.

Americas’ non-response in support of Israel which has now run its’ course internationally will be the lasting impression Israel’s enemy’s will remember. To those against the existence of Israel, it is paramount to placing a naughty child in time out simply for having the audacity to defend itself; an audacity missing from our own dithering leadership. The non-response response by the U.S. is destined to encourage anti-Israel forces and Israel will be progressively challenged again and again, with violence meant to mimic the Roman Holidays of the despotic leaders of the past; action, gore, laughter and humiliation.

In attempting to display a modicum of critical skepticism, our national leadership is instead provoking anti-Israel feelings by feeding the taproot of anti-Semitic extremism.

In president Obama’s book, Audacity of Hope, he writes; “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction”. We as Americans may be hesitant to believe this despite fore- warnings. Indications are major forces including Iran are currently willing, able and in the process of testing this perceived sodality.

Israel has not lost its’ will to do battle with the enemy and survive, a trait America seems only too willing to abnegate. Our president wants to be the large friendly dog in a small room and we will quickly find this large friendly dog is being surrounded by ravenous hyenas.