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Republican Political Reality

In the theme of politics, it is easier to redeem a politician steeped in vice, crime, evasion and entitlement than one portrayed as greedy, narrow minded and self sufficient. This elections looming confrontation with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump would if allowed, clarify the point.
On the Democrat side, the most flawed candidate Hillary, steeped in deceit is on track towards victory lane. On the Republican side, the self sufficient candidate Trump is being pummeled by his own party. A two time loser Romney, born into wealth in MEXICO, whose siblings still live and have enterprises in Mexico leads the charge. Romney believes in the tenants of Joseph Smith and Restoration Christianity.
Religion has no bearing on Romney’s vicious attacks against a fellow Republican. But, what does have bearing is trust. Trump supported Romney in a political time of need and today, Romney is showing his true colors. A friend when convenient. Romney is in charge of the Republican establishment political boat and is making certain there is no seat for Trump. This whole anti-Republican fiasco by establishment Republicans has a flavor of malice. A coming together of a pitiless incestuous brotherhood more intent on having the controlling power amongst themselves than sharing this power among the electorate. Their will, will be done. Endless amounts of Republican directed capitol is being expended to defeat Trump, more than in defeating the prospective opposition candidate Hillary. Pity and contempt amongst the knowledgable electorate is erupting against the likes of Romney, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell who portend to be Republicans yet feel free to switch uniforms based on self convenience. Perhaps connivance is a better word.
As a Conservative party, Republicans are going through a defining transition, a transition which will either widen the tent and secure survival or a tent which will reinforce power amongst the Godfathers. Perennial losers against Democrats. This whiny Republican leadership has no idea how to play hardball. History has shown Republicans to be voracious against their own. Political players who carry a whiffle ball against the real opposition while portending to be major league hard-ballers. They are becoming the laughing stock of the informed and preferred rival candidates of the opposition.
Romney, Ryan and McConnell remain as the triage leading the charge against Trump. The Republican electorate is beginning to acknowledge their power totally collapses against Obama. This election year, voters will be caught between history and an aggressive Democrat direction entrenching socialism as a relevant option.
The attractions of total governmental control are being orchestrated. Right leaning religious or cultural institutions are surreptitiously being targeted, when these structures are destroyed, in a certain way our nation itself is destroyed. The Supreme Court is in their sights. For those already socialist supporters, who know and understand the current headings, this will be a massive victory.
For those who support these socialist innovations but do not yet have clarity of their meaning, it will be an awakening, a surprise to understand the beautiful ankle bracelet is nothing more than a shackle. A shackle with government control of all the keys. As conservatives we continue to tout hardly astute, whiffle ball champs as our leaders. In years to come we will analyze the clippings left on the floor of Republican dreams and wonder where we went wrong. We are going wrong by allowing failed establishment Republicans such as Romney to dictate the candidate we will support.
Mathematically the forthcoming Republican convention is currently in play. For Republicans, 85% of the 2,472 delegates needed will be bound to vote for the candidate to whom they are pledged. Super delegates, separate from the election process made up of primarily establishment “types” to include luminaries, governors, senators, members of congress, state legislators, party leaders, interest groups, celebrities, media and major donors, represent 15% of the delegates. This 15% can rob any candidate, bearing in mind party insiders can and will monkey around with the “rules”. Aside from this hurdle, there is also the “Credentials Committee” which actually gets to decide who can vote. Party insiders have a decidedly advantage.
There are two things which could change the winds of where this convention is headed. One) a change of heart from establishment Republicans, Two) a massive showing from Trump and supporters. Number one is an illusion and two is still pending. Systemic manipulation at its very best.