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Reaction vs. Reflection

Individually and as a national citizenry, we have opted to choose reaction over reflection. As a culture, we can attribute blame to numerous inventions all meant to make our life easier. An analysis can indeed point to the ability to make choices on numerous issues based on the rapidity and availability of facts. Unfortunately, just as web sites are continuously compromised, so have been our minds. We never think we are being manipulated and directed towards political or economic choices, the reality is we are. Our email and internet is a conglomerate of computers all evaluating our choice of topics so as to send us co-incidental messages directing us to just exactly what we were thinking about. Politicians work out deals with major business and corporations so co-incidentally, they are a spokesperson or image on promotions. Photo ops galore; during election season of course. These are not election campaign ads, but we know their intent, exposure and name recognition. Rather than reflect on where and how we are being led, we react just as programmed. We have all heard of subliminal advertising, this is worse; it is subliminal, politically organized, orchestrated and deceptively fostered by mainstream media who has disconnected from truth and is now connected to a political agenda. Mainstream media is no longer the arbiters of the truth, the nit picking investigative journalists dedicated to “getting the real scoop”, they have become the regurgitations of talking points provided to all of them at the same time. Mainstream media has become the psychological stake driven into the heart of the truth, the guard rails which keep us on the path we are being manipulated to follow.
The audacity of media and our current leadership is only surpassed by the mindless complicity of those who support these egocentric ideologues. As a nation we have been divided into factions with the intended purpose of fighting within ourselves. Who gains by this? Ideologues whose only measure is to become enriched be it in votes, stature, personal gain, legacy or a perpetual system of deceit “they control”.
Ninety percent of our reality depends on our perception, our mental lens interpret our truth. Once outsiders have gained control of those lenses, we see what they want us to see. In our American capitalistic society, we strive to succeed, to go beyond our birth status, to excel progress and accomplish the American Dream. In society today, our leaders are determined to have a country based on “normal”; everybody should be and have the same. Let’s be clear, normal means average and sameness is impossible. Just as snowflakes, there are no two people alike and thankfully many are driven to greatness and achievement.
We are being groomed to believe success is always on the other side. We must take away from the rich, the whites, the Republicans, the Christian’s, the Jews, you name it, they have it and we want it. This is a consciousness of poverty, a consciousness destined to doom America through ignorance. A consciousness which becomes ingrained in our soul and we etch out a meager existence believing the world has limited wealth and resources. The world does not need narrow minded inhabitants; the world will still be producing long after we are gone.
By choosing reaction versus reflection, we are being led to conformity and control. Society has recently created an impressive psychological term meant to further categorize us and make certain we all follow the dictates of the wizardry being devised by our leadership. The new term for a malady you may already have is; “Sluggish Cognitive Tempo”. Characterized by the infectious capitalistic concept suffered by all persons with major achievements; “daydreaming”. If you have it, it doesn’t wash off, SCT is the new malady, I kid you not.