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Politicians Like Infants Must Be Changed

Politicians have their own versions of why they are resistant to the truth. In regards to Benghazi, with four dead Americans including our Ambassador, over thirty injured and a secret politico shield placed over any information, it seems truth and constitutional integrity take a back seat to Democrat party up-manship. The adamant refusal of Democrats to search for the truth should wave a red flag across every Americans brow. Dancing around a congressional committee formed to get to the truth of Benghazi, reveal Democrats are more concerned with manipulating elections than protecting their constituents. Clearly stated is their mantra, “what difference does it make”?
American values as it applies in Washington, D.C., are useless. America has met head-on a well organized cabal we placed in power. These highly partisan consortiums only export is lying. They are essentially in the lying business, using taxpayers as their funding source. For humanity in general, integrity is based on a number of factors; ideology, religion, philosophy or culture. But those running our country are vested in a moral black hole where party supremacy seems to be the only consideration.
Elected representatives supporting and supported by progressives all gravitate towards supporting the messages coming from the oval office. Personal intuition, skepticism or moral values are trumped by party leadership and elected Democrat congressional and senate representatives vote, sway and abide by leadership rules. What they say to their constituents and what they do is a living contradiction of illusion Vs delusion.
For the majority of progressive representatives merely raising the precept of skepticism causes bristling, followed by irrational ire and another barrage of deceitful spewing meant to dispel the questioning of their integrity. Talking heads take to the air waves intent on resetting the pins of unwavering progressive resolve. In today’s America, this tactic works due to the disproportionate number of low information voters assisted by the complicit mainstream media, orchestrated lying and intentional duplicity. When 43% of Americans do not know they have a Bill of Rights and a Constitution, politicians swear to uphold, why would any politician fret about upholding the constitution knowing average America would never know the difference? Those Americans who do know the difference are the silent majority soon to be the ignored minority. The question in this next election is, can this process be slowed? Can we allow our society and moral integrity of our nation to revive, heal and begin binding us together instead of fragmenting us and dividing us into malleable political constituencies ?Constituencies based on have and have not, black-white, male-female, gay-hetero, Christian-non Christian, conservative-liberal, the divisions are endless and the damages are immeasurable. Political divisiveness assisted by our own naiveté has become the prime ingredient in remolding our nation into a socialistic mag-pie. Our leader in the Senate, Reid, and in the House, Pelosi are embarrassing in their support of the unsupportable. In unison they blindly follow a very motivated president who sees transforming America into a socialistic blend of Marxism, peasant revolt and aspects of dictatorships as preferable to the concepts of our founding fathers. Obama Care has replaced health care as we knew it, and the “Modern Principles of Democracy” rewritten by our current Democrat leaders usurping our constitution is not that far away.Politicians motivated by the prospect of confiscation has become our legacy and turning back is as unrealistic as pulling the cinnamon out of the cake after it has been baked. In the forthcoming elections you would do well to remember, narrow minded, party and self consumed politician’s, like infants have to be changed, for the very same reason”!