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Political Correctness Run Amok

Liberalism has always been on the side of passiveness when faced with danger or appeasement when confronted with aggression. As a philosophical approach to life, it can be tolerated. As a wimpy national strategy for protecting our nation it is tantamount to surrender. Our leader infused with a socialistic overdose injected into liberalism has clearly demonstrated he would rather switch to the tenants of Islam than fight. The current stakes include abandoning our constitution and religious precepts. The “Aawww what the heck” response has been accepted as politically correct strategy by a great portion of our dumbed down nation.
Israel, in the midst of fending off annihilation from radical Muslim attackers does not fit the liberalism mindset. Our president has deployed our Secretary of State to the Middle East to confer with the warring nations and to instruct Israel to be kinder and gentler despite tolerating horrendous acts of violence, murders and constant aggression. The peek a boo strategy for dealing with Muslim terrorists coming from our White House is undermining Israel’s insistence on defending itself. It has been clearly demonstrated through deeds, liberals lack the insight and courage that would enable our nation to defend itself. The irony and maddening effect of this liberal capitulation is the self defense imposition on our only ally in the Middle East, Israel. While historically, liberalism was associated with freedom of thought, objective reason and belief in human dignity, today’s liberals fail to understand Muslims intent on Jihad do not care about humanitarian values. The only objective they have is to rid the world of Jews and destroy America in the process. Period! Those who fail to understand the prolonged conversion fight we are in are doomed to become Muslims slaves. If not you, your children.
The Secretary of State will travel hat in hand to “negotiate” a cease fire with Iran funded Palestine. The only solution put forth by Palestine is for Israel to stop resisting. Palestine along with their Middle East allies seem incensed Jews will not fold their hands and submit to slaughter. Jews did so with the Nazis. Why are they now belligerent and intolerant of Muslims doing the same? Clearly a lack of goodwill as parenthetically re-mouthed by our own President. According to the Ayatollah, “ if Israel ceased to exist, the world would be less troublesome”.
Extremely difficult to comprehend is WHY do American Jews tolerate such demeaning of Jews and their culture by our American leadership? Why are the majority of Jews in America predominantly Liberal, progressive Democrats? The weakness, confusion and continuos betrayal of support to Israel during any self defense crisis has come to a head.
Our leadership has shown time and again whether it is Iraq, Benghazi, Iran, Syria or Afghanistan, they are plagued with inner doubts and contradictions. These subtitles are the exact reason Russia in partnership with Iran has usurped American presence in the Middle East. Ideals remain real only if one continues to realize them and we are quickly abandoning Israel. Why is it our liberal leaders no longer act as if justice towards our ally matters? The truth matters in any governmental issue, right matters, humanity matters; to include abortion.
The 30’s and early 40’s was a time when liberals accepted the leadership of a small Nazi led German-minority; fanatical, unscrupulous, deeply contemptuous of human values, incredibly stupid about humanity, incredibly arrogant on matters of intellectual belief. They essentially wiped out Jews in Germany. Liberals accepted Jewish slaughter simply because the Nazi’s had firm convictions and the amoral capacity to act them out. America is again witnessing moral Islamic treachery and choosing to turn a blind eye. Our president is validating his “Nobel Peace Prize” by squashing Israel’s intent to defend itself.
There should be no Jew witnessing this drama unfold in the Middle East willing to lend comfort, aid or political capital to any covert defender of radical Islamist extremists. The seeds of Muslim extremists do not fall far from the Muslim tree. Giving sanction in whatever form to anti-Jew sentiments makes you complicit, Liberal/Progressive or not.