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Political Chameleons

If one defines the Republican Party as a party with no soul, where wealth determines the value of a man, then, the nation awaits its prophets. The wait has now rewarded you with Hillary and Bernie as the viable alternative. Bernie an avowed Socialist who touts a 90% tax rate and Hillary who touts her history of political appointments rather than her accomplishments. Positions have been many, accomplishments, we are still searching for; unless, fiascos qualify as key contributions to society. From her skirmishes with legality in Arkansas, remember her $10,000 investment she turned into $100,000 in a matter of days? No body does. Remember her associates at the law firm she was involved with who turned up dead? No body does. Remember the $250,000 dollars worth of taken White House furniture that somehow ended up in her possession? No body does. Remember “File Gate” missing Republican,supporters, IRS files which were found in her White House suite? No body does. Remember her vicious verbal attacks against the women standing up against Bill Clinton, those accusing him of sexual crimes? No body does and those who do, see it as her badge of honor. Remember she lost her law license? Nobody does. Remember her controversial votes as a Senator? Nobody does. Remember where she was during Benghazi and the killing of our ambassador? Nobody does. Remember her email scandal where she openly received and sent super top secret messages without any security on her personal email server? Some remember but are eager to give her a pass as political opposition connivance, just like every other time. The question is will the FBI, under the hand picked Obama Justice Department actually hold her accountable? History tells you the answer. Loud and clear, “ what difference does it make?” paraphrased clearly by Hillary herself. The Clinton Foundation is its own work of questionability.
Hillary touts herself as the third coming of Obama. This on its very own should send reasonable men shivering towards the exits. But, we are no longer a reasonable nation. We have become dumbed down and the tell it like it is billionaire,Republican,has been targeted for obliteration before he has a chance to awaken the populace. Democrats and establishment Republicans are sparring no effort to get someone else to carry the banner, more in line with maintaining the status quo. What status quo? The status quo of acceptance, go along to get along domestic or foreign with the adamant bed wetters of this nation heading into the pits of socialism. Of what value is a counter Republican party who refuses to counter? Of what value is our opposition party who only opposes their own teammates? Republican candidates are in a quandary, being hit with a double edge sword for this election. By listening to their rhetoric, it is difficult to define which side they want to win. Millions of dollars are being spent to cripple their own candidates with minimum attention paid to the leaders of the pack of the opposition.
The formula for conservatives to win in 2016 is simple, coalesce around your own. Those candidates with three or four percent need to come to terms with the fact they are not in the pack. Support conservatives, speak against the socialist “opposition” support your likely candidates and prepare to lead a vicious fight going into the 2016 elections. This applies to local, state or national elections. The idea Republicans can support socialist Democrat candidates and be endeared in some way is totally ludicrous, juvenile, and lacks criteria of thought. Enough to eliminate them from any potential conservative/Republican political position.
These past weeks I have been inundated with correspondence lamenting the fact prominent Republicans are supporting and endorsing Democrats at all levels. There is only one clear conclusion. They are not true Republicans. These are individuals who conspire to support political opposition cronies for personal gains, not party goals. They ignore the fact they were elected by their party to support the party agenda. Otherwise, be an independent, make room for true Republicans. Are you listening Jeff Stone, Glenn Miller and John Benoit?