Today I filed a lawsuit challenging the status of Victor Manuel Perez as an “educator.” Quite simply, Manuel Perez is not a teacher and I believe he is misleading the public about his current occupation by attempting to list himself as an “educator” on the ballot.

As an adjunct faculty member at College of the Desert, I’m offended by the fact that he is using my profession to mislead voters for his political gain.

Victor Perez is not currently a teacher. In fact, he has not been a teacher for some time. His employer is the Borrego Community Health Foundation and trying to add on anything else is deceptive. I don’t believe the true educators, or the voters of the 80th Assembly District, will appreciate the fact that he is playing misleading political games with our profession.

I believe after reviewing this case a judge will make his ballot designation legal and accurate.

I am a strong supporter of Gary Jeandron because he is a man of integrity and honesty who has shown his commitment to our community for more than 30 years.

Emil Fisher

80th Assembly District voter