<!--:es-->People Do Not Read My 
Articles Because 
I am a Latino<!--:-->

People Do Not Read My Articles Because I am a Latino

What a ludicrous assertion. People who do not read my articles are either too busy to read “opinions” or are so consumed with their lives they have not yet gotten to “reading”. Latino has nothing to do with it!
This week President Obama expounded on the fact his popularity is down because he is black. Interesting take considering 45% of the white population voted for him in 2008, 95% of the black voters did too. Since 2008, what we thought he stood for and what he turned out to be for are as different as night and day or can I say black and white without being called a racist? In reality, it is the very fact he is a black president which has allowed him to get away with shoving socialism down our throats. We as a nation, say very little for fear of offending a minority segment of our society. In the meantime, ALL of us will suffer. The changes in how we live are taking us from a society of contribution to a society of being contributed to. There is nothing dignified about pushing for the greatest portion of our populations to be under food stamps, unemployed, underemployed or just consumed with nonsensical wealth distribution schemes. There is nothing dignified about being obliged to live at the mercy of government handouts.
Yes, Obama won the election but none of us voted to be spied on, to be harassed by the IRS, to be required to purchase insurance we did not ask for and to be consistently lied to at every discussion of governmental malfeasance. None of us voted to put in place a fourth power of government run by unaccountable bureaucrats protected by the White House. America is suffering. Real unemployment numbers are hidden, real terrorist threats around the world are minimized or lied about and our constitutional freedoms are being surreptitiously done away with. We tolerate these subtle changes rather than confront the procreator of these ideas simply to be considered “none judgmental” when it comes to the issue of race. But, race has nothing to do with it; race is being used by socialism provocateurs as a deflection to simply move their socialistic agenda along without real opposition. America is experiencing the perfect storm configuration to initiate a historical change, to move away from our constitution and to do so without any meaningful obstacles. Every resistance against supplanting our constitution with socialism is attributed to racism by those intent on subverting our rights.
All this race baiting is nothing more than a convenient resurgence of Kukulcan, the snake God whose shadow you can visually see crawling down the Mayan pyramid in the Mayan city of Chichen-itza during Spring Equinox. I have felt the wonder of the moment and know unquestionably it is an illusion caused by the rays of the sun. America is still questioning how much leeway we will give the illusion of race instead of questioning the real culprit, socialism. Socialism will capsize our civil liberties and destroy our destiny. We have yet to realize, long term, this is no less significant than the banishment of the Mayan civilization. The Mayans are still here, in Mexico and Guatemala but their civilization is gone. America will still be here but our Bill of Rights, our intrinsic freedoms will be gone.