Pain Hurts or Changes You

There is a Polish Proverb used when getting pulled into other peoples nonsense, “ Not my circus, not my monkeys”. Perhaps good for personal occasions but as a nation we are becoming the circus and those in charge are our monkeys! When our president says “it is my “preference” Russia cooperates and allows investigators onto the Malaysia Airline crash site”, you can feel Putin quake. Invoking the preference word is laughable. Our Secretary of State entered into nuclear proliferation talks with Iran six months ago. Iran was a year away from constructing a nuclear weapon aimed at Israel. Today six months later, Kerry is delighted Iran will keep on talking and extended the bartering for four more months. Do our great leaders not realize “time” is what Iran is negotiating for? It reminds me of the character who kept crossing into Mexico with an empty wheelbarrow, border security would scratch their heads knowing he was up to something. Certainly was, he was smuggling wheelbarrows into Mexico without paying an import fee. It took them four years to figure that one out.
We have a tribe of our monkeys in positions of power, those we elected and all their friends eager to share the banana spoils. If only they were bananas. Unfortunately giving up our constitution, the power position across the world and economic stagnation here at home are considerably more significant than bananas. For those of you whose dander just became aroused and are ready to launch the racist label, I can assure you Kerry is known for ketchup, not bananas.
Across the world, our leaders profess everybody has the right, but nobody accepts the responsibility. Hamas has the right to send missiles into Israel but Israel is damned if they defend themselves. These attitudes are implied tongue in cheek but every thinking American who listens to the president and John Kerry know exactly what is being said. They ask Israel to tone down their military response, to be more “prudent” in bombing Hamas missile sites. Prudent? Where is the prudence in the average 50 missiles per day being lobbed into Israel? Would America stand for that? Perhaps in this administration there would be a “preference” to have our neighbors not do that. Mainstream media no longer investigates, they ask the White House for comment then print such as news. Mainstream media today accepts propaganda as news. They have their own circus and are becoming complicit in the orchestrated bias. Fundraising for Democrats now takes precedence over world policy, American prosperity, border security and multiple internal crisis.
Russian president Putin just completed a tour with Central America leaders and offered the opportunity for “continued Russian investment”. What exactly do our current leaders think continued investments encompass? With key Central American nations teetering on socialism, our leaders focus on the minutia of Democrat fundraising endangers the world.
Voltaire, who I never met, said “It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere.” We Americans apparently revere change, we voted for it twice without so much as an inkling of what this change entailed. Now we know, your Lincoln was exchanged for a Pinto, your bank account was exchanged for a welfare check and your constitutional freedoms are being exchanged for whatever Department of Justice head, Eric Holder believes the president wants. Our Democrat political representatives accept being appendages to the powers of the Executive Branch. All Federal government department heads have been given carte blanche authority and we as citizens must grin and bear it with no legal accountability.
Our monkeys are building another world, never realizing the other world is in this one! Can you remember who we were before these sages told us who we should be? Any leader who accepts themselves as too big to be accountable is too small to be our leader