Overt Deceit Has Infested America

We are in 2014 but the fact is we are not living in a futuristic society, rather in a primitive distortion of present day reality. We are no longer able to decipher truth from fiction because our own leaders consistently lie to us. Fortunately for them, the masses are becoming less astute in fib recognition. This talent is intentionally garbled by mainstream media and institutes of higher learning. Graduation from major universities no longer assures knowledgeable, well educated individuals but instead, complicit, trained followers of socialistic concepts and ideas proved worthless by more than one generation. The very fact 95% of all professors identify themselves as Liberal progressives while a mere 5% identify themselves as conservatives should be troubling for most. It is not troubling to most Americans and widely accepted as genuine, advanced thinking.
This thinking is so far advanced we have now reached the age where we are obliterating ourselves, especially minorities. The progressive party is adamant of the fact abortion at all costs should be supported and any conservative notion to oppose it is a clear sign conservatives are against women.
Women have every right to determine what to do with their own bodies, it should be unquestionable they have the right to decide. They should also have every right and options should they wish to save a life without creating greater hardship on theirs which is the main reason given for abortion. The truth is, those seeking abortion are given all the assistance in ending a life and little in preserving one. Funded by the government, that is “us” for those not versed enough to understand the U.S.Government is the largest “non-profit” entity in the world. They live off of donations called “mandatory taxes” and they pay no taxes. One of the most compelling reasons the IRS wants to eliminate as many non-profits as they can is because legitimate non-profits intent on assisting humanity eat into government tax driven coffers.
Numbers to prove my point nationally are so grotesque, in the multiple of millions, people no longer pay attention, they are immune. So for editorial purposes I will elucidate using only New York City numbers. Statistics available for 2012 state the following; 42.4% of all non Hispanic black women in New York City aborted their child. To help you visualize the numbers, that is 31,328 documented abortions. The same year, there were 24,758 births to black women. It does not take a mathematical wizard to see black families are eliminating themselves with the help of progressive wizardry. Statistics for Latinos is a little better due to lingering conservative family values and usually quick interference by parents or loved ones. Nevertheless, the numbers are still lopsided. So the next time you hear conservatives are racists and against women, take these numbers into consideration and just ask yourself, who is pro black dead babies and who wants to give them life? The numbers nationally reflect the same trend on a much larger scale.
Obamcare is insisting these abortions be funded by us. Naturally, you will find resistance especially from religious right to life advocates who are not trying to diminish your rights; they are trying to increase the rights of those little souls who cannot even fight back. Obamacare is an illusion; 23% of the uninsured have never heard of Obamacare. Now you can get a perspective of how many of us are totally disconnected with our day to day national policies and see the reason we can be lied to so easily and no one seems to notice until it is too late.
Real unemployment numbers are 12.6, back to 1979 levels. The administration intentionally counts the 64% of Americans still searching for employment as 100% of the unemployed and totally ignores the 36% who have lost their job , have run out of unemployment insurance and will never find employment in their previous line of work. Not to worry, 13 vulnerable Democrats organized a anti-constitution piece of work and got Obama to change Obamacare for the 31st time to have the most destructive pieces not take effect until after the elections and after Obama is out of office. Again, deceit at its finest. America, you can never change what you tolerate. Those allowed birth will be the ancestors of an age to come those not will remain in someones heart for a lifetime.