Dr. Oscar Moreno

donates his prized slate pool table.

Al vasquez/La Prensa Hispana


   Father Lucas, Priest from Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church in Mecca accompanied by Father Jose who had arrived for a visit from Guadalajara, Mexico were surprised by a donation by Doctor Oscar Moreno with offices in Rancho Mirage. Doctor Moreno donated a vintage, slate pool table, a prized possession. Father Lucas has been outreaching to the community in an effort to rebuild his church whose roof collapsed. Church services are currently being held in a tent and summer temperatures have been testing the faith of the over 4,000 persons who attend his church regularly every Sunday.

Doctor Moreno, Moreno Medical Clinic, 42-700 Bob Hope Dr.  (346-6555 – Across from the River)  donated the pool table to encourage others to donate items which the church can raffle or sell to raise the $350,000 needed to totally repair the church whose beams were split in half apparently due to the earth movements associated with the San Andreas fault line. 

   Father Lucas and Father Jose extend their gratitude to Dr. Moreno and all those who have been moved to pledge assistance. Father Lucas can be reached at: 760-396-2717.