Only a House Away from Venezuela

It is acceptable for you or me to engage in fanciful dialogue and Monday morning quarterbacking in theoretical governance. But, when you have our nations leaders running government like high school kids playing fantasy football, it becomes troubling, delusional and extremely dangerous for our civil liberties. We like to believe we elect political leaders who are trustworthy, honest and respect the oath they take. Unfortunately, those in the leadership today are “none of the above”.
“If you like your healthcare, you can keep it, if you like your doctor you can keep him, period” this was said with a straight face by a dozen Democrat party leaders mimicking our president. All had documented knowledge this was not going to happen. Today, breaking 225 years of precedent, the Senate voted for the majority party sweepstake, the “nuclear option”. Senate Democrats, seem to be suffering from a despicable case of untruthfulness. This includes our president who was against the nuclear option while campaigning and now is totally supportive. What reeked of un-Americanism then is today the Democrats answer to liberal judicial entrenchment just in time before all those pesky court challenges regarding the constitution. Hypocrisy has no bounds! “If you like your constitution you can keep it” is not possible under our current political administration who seems to seek out opportunities to ravish it.
Every American, including Democrats should be concerned we as a nation are only a house away from Venezuela. Former Venezuela dictator Hugo Chavez left his nation in a churning political tidal pool being sucked into socialism. Obama will leave our nation the same and the Democrat leadership in place is in lockstep to allow it to happen with the support of mainstream media. Mainstream America seems myopic, disinterested and generally not inclined to bother much in what direction our nation is going. There is a strong reliance on national leadership and the trusting belief someone else will take us where we need to go. This blind trust is exactly what leader’s angling towards obtaining dictatorial powers depend on. They depend on the masses not believing we are being led into socialism by our own leaders.
Those who chose to address the wrong course we are embarking on are quickly invalidated by media, ridiculed, chastised and ignored. The only obstacle to total Democrat control at this point is the House of Representatives which represents only a slice of the power needed to stop this escalation and deprivation of our constitutional rights. The Democrat controlled administration has brought partisanship to a new extreme. It is no longer a clash of political parties which we all expect; it is a relentless encroachment on civil liberties by one party against a sleeping nation.
We have a ruling party willing to use lies and political maneuvers to hoodwink, deceive, bypass, ignore, undermine and totally trample the constitution. Working under the theorem that no story stays on the front page more than three weeks, the Obama administration has been able to skate through wide open scandals involving constitutional erosion such as IRS, Benghazi, the Justice Department, NSA, Obama Care, the deficit, Gitmo, Immigration Reform, and now the Senate Nuclear option. (The nuclear option eliminates the need for 60 votes as has been the rule of law for 225 years, for judicial confirmations and lowers the number required to 51, the number of Democrats in the Senate.) Democrats are setting up defenses for any constitutional court challenges intended to preserve our freedoms and in essence invalidates any opposition attempts to block anything.
All this chicanery armed with knowledge, three weeks from now the nation will no longer recall the event makes our country that much closer to being Venezuela. In any socialist country, the dictator, his party clones and the media operate as a single entity. To make certain of this, the dictators hand picked journalists and photo op photographers feed the information to mainstream media. That is happening now, right in front of our faces. Even our mainstream media itself is too committed to the party to object with any credibility. Our nation is the loser. Obama’s excuse for all of his contentious ploys is “I won the election”. It is difficult to believe the nation and voters from either party envisioned the dilution and invalidation of our constitution as part of the deal.
Obama Care cannot work as designed. The actual payment exchange portion of the healthcare web site has not been designed. The numbers being bantered around of health care success is a falsehood; the government has no means by which to accept payment for your health care enrollment. There has not been a single payee as of today! Numbers without $ mean nothing; Except a legal mandate of total government control of your body, your care and anything that goes in it.
“Expecting dishonest political leaders to respect your rights simply because you are a law abiding citizen is like expecting a hungry tiger to spare you because you are a vegetarian.” A nation asleep in the midst of those intent on stealing our freedoms leads to enslavement, a flock of sheep being guarded by wolfs in sheeps clothing.
Be ready for significant Obama Care effective dates to be moved until after the 2014 house and senate elections. Democrats are beginning the smoke screens NOW! This is all a part of the ruse on our gullible nation. You simply cannot trust a party willing to fabricate the truth regardless of how sincere they say it. Their deceitful nefarious actions have confirmed this to be true.