One Vs. 14 Million

There is an outrage coming out of Ferguson, Missouri as a consequence of the shooting of a young black man killed by the police. He had just committed a crime but the entire plethora of circumstance is still unknown. Dozens of scenarios have been advanced by provocateurs, all have been proven wrong. The situation is spiraling out of control as the usual cadre of suspects who provoke divisive race baiting, outside forces, the President and the U.S. Attorney General weigh in against the police. Not only has this become a black and white issue, it is quickly becoming an anti-police issue in large part due to the despotic intrusion of the U.S. Attorney General who picks and chooses involvement based on political opportunism.
In this instance one young man was deprived of his life and the Attorney General has launched over 40 investigators and word on the streets is they have interviewed over 200 witnesses. In the case of Lois Lerner and the IRS, where hundreds of legitimate businesses and conservatives were deprived of their civil rights, two years ago, our Attorney General has yet to launch any type of investigation despite a Congressional request. ALL violators have refused to answer even to congress. It is not politically conducive or “prudent” to investigate your own, even as records and evidence is being blatantly destroyed.
Detractors would say, no lives were lost by the IRS therefore political philosophy has no place in this argument. The truth is, philosophical bearings are shifted from side to side, all manipulated at the convenience of this administration.
Today, the nation is glued to television, thousands march in the streets, hundreds of hours of commentary and copious columns are written on the death of one young man.
A death by police by all means, should be investigated but we as a nation and black people as a culture are being subjected to believe a farce, accept an undeniable truth and turn sideways in the face of a real injustice. An injustice perpetrated to a large extent by their own inadequacies and infiltrators who support a gradual elimination of their race. Numbers are difficult to dispute.
Many will perceive I have stepped on holy ground. I see ruffled feathers, hunched backs and protruding claws emanating from those who do not readily understand my aim is to preserve your race, not eliminate it.
The Republican Party, conservative mind sets, religious bigots or whatever the comfort level is in describing those they feel oppose their entrenched point of view have been unable to save many from themselves. The reams and volumes of contrary information from within directed towards minorities is leading to their own demise.
Available statistics on African American deaths, has found, 227,695 have died from AIDS. A daunting statistic but hardly a leading cause in the elimination of the black race; 408,723 have died from accidents; 329,313 have died from violent crime, a huge chunk of those in Chicago, and black on black murders. Heart disease has taken 2,503,789 black Americans.
But, the glaring number black Americans refuse to acknowledge and the Democrat Party wants all of us to forget or simply ignore is the acquiescence, the devastating truth that will lead to the elimination of the Black Race through self complicity.
“Fourteen Million, five hundred thousand eight hundred and thirteen” have simply been killed after conception and not allowed birth. They have been systematically beheaded, eliminated through the self accepted method of “abortion”.
Today blacks in particular and the nation in general grieves “one death” with unresolved circumstances. But, to simply turn a blind eye to the 14,500,813 (in millions) black baby deaths is a gross commentary on societal evolution. There is a condoned creeping towards minority elimination and Latinos although lagging behind in numbers are nevertheless starting to compete. One young man is killed by police after he commits a crime and the entire black nation is outraged; over 14 Million black babies were sucked out of their mothers belly by “medical practitioners” and we’re okay with that!
White cops are not eliminating the black race, statistically, the numbers do not even register on black deaths. Eric Holder , the black Attorney General, civil rights activist is set on making this a civil rights issue where a legitimate law enforcement issue exists. For the U.S. Attorney General, the highest law enforcement officer in the nation to be siding against law enforcement prior to revelation of facts is the height of hypocritical assessment.
The tragedy of life is not a death but what we have let die inside of us and the further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those who speak it. Wiser men than I have said this before.