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Obama Care – A Cure Worse Than The Disease

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When you reach retirement age you really don’t have much enthusiasm for stirring the pot but seniors need become informed before it is too late. It has not yet dawned on them they will be the ones who will be slid off the end of the bench to make room for the estimated 23 million new enrollees into Medicare which will be converted into a Medicaid program. There is no way to bring in 23 million new patients without seriously affecting an already overloaded system and thus far, Medicare seniors have been targeted for $550 Billion less. For many this will mean the end of certain treatments.

Medicare will be scavenged as was the Social Security fund. Politicians will not tell you this. In fact they will deny it, but Universities and non-profit organizations have been reading the bill congress attempted to pass before their vacation. One such professor was John Davis Lewis from Duke University, a non-partisan who reviewed the bill. Lewis reported the 1,017 bill was full of legalese and referenced codes and laws by number creating what is thought to be intentional confusion. He found in no uncertain terms the following:

$550 Billion will come out of Medicare. There will be death counseling for seniors every five years, The Health Bill will amend the Social Security Act, the government will determine who can be readmitted to any hospital, there will be no judicial revue of any decision made by government, the judicial process will not be allowed in any of government executive decisions, the bill allows the government to prohibit hospitals from expanding, the bill amends the Internal Revenue Code, the IRS will be used as enforcement and will penalize those without mandatory insurance and will impose an 8% tax on any business with 8 or more employees who do not provide the mandatory coverage. The government sets the mandatory minimum, Catastrophic Insurance Health Care coverage obtained by many seniors to help protect their life savings or only means of support will be deemed illegal. Every person will be issued a medical card with all pertinent personal information. This card must be presented to any health provider for input into central government files and computer records. This data will be used for treatment approval or denial. The government can ask for and receive any information it deems necessary. This includes bank records, lifestyle, employment, DMV, and recreational activities.

You can also find information with factcheck.org a non-partisan consumer advocacy group at the University of Pennsylvania, Annenberg Public Policy Center.

Many Senators are skirting the issue by stating these items are not in the bill by having five different versions in process. After the Senate passes their version, the Senate and the House will combine their bills and the very items they state are not in the bill will miraculously have been inserted. The general public is getting a great perspective on how one party rule dominates and supersedes even the Constitution of the United States.

Social Security was robbed during the Clinton administration when the money was transferred into the general fund, it was spent. All that remains in the Social Security vault is an I.O.U. from Uncle Sam. Every year we hear Social Security is broke and it can only last a few more years. Social Security is broke due to the pilfering, dishonest tactics of politicians who we un-explicably continue to trust with our tax dollars. As Congressman John Conyers, said on television last week, “why read the bill, it would take two days and two lawyers standing next to you to try to understand it.” He expressed the urgency to pass it now. We are talking about a trillion dollars for a bill to become effective in 2013, four years from now! Why the urgency to pass a trillion dollar bill so quickly no one really knows what is in it, including our elected representatives?

I hate to break this to you but Washington has stopped listening to us.

The AARP, an organization trusted by millions of seniors was mentioned by Obama this week as supporting the health care bill. AARP denies it. This strikes a sour note and we should all consider ourselves forewarned. We no longer know who to trust. We must rely on common sense. When two plus two is being peddled in Washington as adding up to three and eight stooges spring up and say “that is right”, we must watch them also. Seniors must seriously contact their Senatorial and Congressional representatives and tell them you have worked a lifetime to earn benefits and do not want your medical benefits diluted, rescinded, placed under review by a government clerk and you would rather have treatment than death counseling and a pain pill as proposed by the president.

In an interesting side note, I stepped into the crowd protesting in Palm Springs at Congresswoman Mary Bono Macks’ office in support of the heath bill. I asked at least 15 persons there if they had read the bill. NONE of them had. In response to the stated facts as explained by John Lewis, the protesters characterized these points as false. How can you make any comparison with facts against unfounded denials? America is in danger of losing its’ freedoms simply through party politics and our own personal ignorance.

In the final analysis, we will have 50 senators change the entire medical and health care profession, portions of the Internal Revenue Code, Amend the Social Security Act, eliminate judicial process in regards to health care, and assign a government worker, not a health professional who will determine if you get treatment or not, their answer being final?

These 50 Senators will affect the lives of 350, 000,000 Americans without so much as reading the bill yet trusting Obama who has himself not read the bill. Americans, take a deep breath and take in the last vestiges of the freedom we now have. Voice your opinion NOW, take your disgust to the polls in 2010.