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Multidimensional Irrationality Governs Our Foreign Policy

It is true; the framework of meaning is multidimensional. This week, in an attempt to disavow the Mitt Romney claim during the presidential campaign that Russia was a geo-political threat, Obama pretended he never ridiculed Romney for making such a claim. Few will recall the Obama smirk and quick dim witted response that such an assertion was indicative of Romney being out of touch with reality. Mainstream media and entranced supporters laughed and wrote at length articles about the absurdity of such a claim. Truth seems to evaporate within any proximity of this administration and supporters.
Today, Obama relegated Russia to a backseat in international politics as a “regional power”. “Russia is nothing more than a weak nation”. Russia is weak, I am strong therefore I win is the ludicrous insinuation. The irony is the weak nation of Russia has completely taken over Crimea in the Ukraine without a single Russian casualty; all due to the perceived strength of the Soviet Union. The take over includes all military assets and ships. Russia has a stranglehold on the Middle East and has aligned with Syria and Iran; it has set in motion the setting up of military bases in Cuba and Venezuela and has taken steps to deprive surrounding European countries of essential Russian energy resources. Obama was quick to castigate Putin. For having violated his pinky promise, Obama has “de-friended Putin”. He has made certain he is “temporarily suspended” from attending the G-8 and said before a press conference, the Russian take over of Crimea is not yet a done deal even as Russia has amassed 30,000 troops along the Ukraine border. The G-8 is now the G-7 and Russia cannot attend the meeting; reminiscent of Jimmy Carters boycott of the Olympics.
North Korea today, launched two long range missiles giving further credence to a world wide belief there is a dilution of American power and rogue nations are about to start flexing their muscles. During the revolution Benjamin Franklin was quick to comment, “Make yourselves sheep and the wolves will eat you” It is apparent history is not a strong point of this administration. Our leadership has become impervious to the realities of the real world. Blaming Bush for the badly mishandled economy, blaming a video for Benghazi, blaming a rogue operative for the IRS scandal, blaming the newspapers for the NSA citizen espionage story is only the tip of the iceberg. The ridiculous attempts to simulate “I am in charge bravado” are endless fallacies. The emperor has no clothing is becoming more and more apparent each day even as our president prepares to “give away the internet” to nations who will gladly use it to suppress our American freedoms.
For citizens who actually love this country, this is no time to say I told you so, it is a time to lament, pray for our nation to come together and in laymen’s terms, “throw the bums out”. America cannot tolerate being a confirmed loser and our current legislative make up is a major part of the problem.
Secretary of State John Kerry responded to the Russian take over of the Crimea by stating; “In the 21st century, countries do not invade other countries”. While Obama was stating “we are not getting into a military excursion in the Ukraine”. When all is said and done, America is not itching for war; we are itching to see our leaders talk softly but carry a big stick. When you make a statement, back it up. You cannot carry the refrain “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor” onto the foreign policy stage. The reality is if you like your country, you can keep your country but only if you are willing to sacrifice your life for it. I salute all veterans for having had the love of country and inclination to serve. Yes, the framework of meaning is multi-dimensional and it is time for America to understand evil is multidimensional also.