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Mindless Mix of Capitulation

As a nation we have been swaddled in a blanket of hope and religious contradiction leading all of us to believe God openly forgives. This belief has been extended and exaggerated to the ridiculous point where we witness our own leader trotting around the globe forgiving indiscretions by tyrants, despots and purveyors of our worlds greatest crimes. Criminals who have raped their own nations over decades, incarcerated any opposition, inundated religious beliefs, eliminated personal freedoms and selectively picked who amongst them would partake of stolen gains.
Our leader has flunked God 101. Any religious leader worthy of such a grand title as “religious leader” will with out a doubt elaborate on the pre-requisite to forgiveness which is “repentance”. Forgive me father for I have sinned, is the preamble to countless prayers directed towards a supreme being acknowledging you understand right from wrong, you understand you were wrong and now ask for forgiveness; A return to the grace of God and the establishment of a new beginning to share in Gods graces.
Our president in taking on the role of universal benevolent world leader is seeking to establish himself as worthy of the Nobel Peace Prize awarded him prior to any achievements. He now believes unrepentant universal forgiveness is within his powers to grant. He has embarked on embracing Iran, embracing differing factions of Muslim terrorists while denying they have anything to do with the Muslim religion, he chastises Christians for acts committed during the crusades when they acted in self defense. Atrocities were committed in return for atrocities, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. He is obstinate about closing Guantanamo Bay, where the worst of the worst offenders were held. “Were”, since our leader already freed the worst of the worst who have reconnected with our enemies, have been given leadership roles and are once again commanding the taking of lives; seeking the ultimate payback of 72 virgins.
Obama erroneously believes by re establishing a relationship with Cuba, he will free the Cuban people. Meager coverage has been given to the fact the Castro brothers live in the lap of luxury with private islands, private yachts, private mansions, personal servants, their own bank and hidden wealth in foreign countries beyond belief and reach. Only the Castro brothers can free Cuba and the re establishment of a fiduciary relationship will only further enrich the Castro’s, not the populace. The fact the Castro brothers have enslaved Cuba and kept it intentionally impoverished demonstrates the fact socialistic control is accomplished through dependence on government, perhaps a logic very well understood by our brilliant president who continually strives for that end in the United States. Portions of the island where Castro enablers reside is not impoverished at all. Those lands Castro redistributed were not his to distribute. They were confiscated and now, the leader of the free world wants to turn a blind eye and pretend confiscation never happened, give the Castro brothers a pass and further enrich their coffers. With out so much as an excuse me, much less repentance, our president will now forgive murder, indiscretion and continued violations of human rights by showering enrichment on tyrants. Opening the door to U.S. Investments speaks loudly of a naïveté never seen before in our generation.
Obama continues on his quest to become this generations Neville Chamberlain who was thrilled with a signed peace document and thought he had reached a historical agreement with Hitler in 1938. The “historical peace agreement” lasted less than one year. Iran, Muslim terrorists and the Castro brothers entice a de ja vous from historians but low information voters who lack a historical perspective will surely pave the way for another Democrat charade involving both the White House and glued at the hip supportive legislative Democrats.
Criminologist can identify “violence conditioning”. We are being conditioned to accept unreformed, unrepentant despots as legitimate world leaders. Violence conditioning being imposed on a nation in the name of pseudo agreements is a misguided lunacy no better than howling at the moon to bring on the sunrise.