Mexicali Tourism Diplomats arrive in the Coachella Valley

Plan for the exciting Fiestas del Sol starting next week-end

Ana Rascon Vasquez

La Prensa Hispana

A very energetic group of diplomats representing various entities of Mexicali met with media and various dignitaries in Indio . The purpose of the presentation was to bring the Coachella Valley up to date on the great variety of events taking place in Mexicali . Representatives from the Annual Fiestas del Sol, Department of Tourism, Mexicali Chamber of Commerce and the Department of Promotions took turns in the presentation held at the Indio Sizzler on Hwy 111. General Manager Luis Silva took extraordinary measures to assure the crowd was well served and delighted with the fantastic assortment of meats, salads, fruits and deserts.

The Fiestas del Sol is scheduled to start on the first week end of October and it will run for ten days. The Fiestas del Sol always brings in a great assortment of major talent and is attended annually by hundreds of thousands of patrons who travel to Mexicali to enjoy not only the entertainment, many events are free but also to sample the variety of foods and the acres of booths selling many different kinds of native wares as well as today’s’ technology.

Fiestas del Sol will run informational ads in La Prensa Hispana starting next week with pertinent information. Ramon Ayala, a crowd favorite is scheduled to be one of the entertainers. Stay tuned for more information.