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Merry Christmas

Christians seem to forget Christ was a Jew, not a Christian. Christian is a designation we made up to split a road and create a new religious ideology. Jesus represents a significant portion of what Jews have represented through the ages. In today’s world, there are 13 million Jews. Yet, 20 % of Nobel Prize winners are Jewish. Throughout the centuries, for Jews, there has been relentless prosecution. For many it has proven to be too much and Jewishness concealment became the only way to survive. Geniuses in today’s world of music, literature, mathematics, physics, finance, industry, design, film, politics and invention may very well have a Jewish ancestry. For one fifth of 1% of the worlds population to have as Jews amassed 20% of the Nobel Prizes is in itself astounding. Factor in the genius of hidden Jewish bloodlines of those who have over decades or centuries not called themselves Jews and the world achievements of Jews would simply be incredulous.
Often times, we tend to only see the present, giving no thought to who makes up the multitude of traditions we celebrate as the gospel truth. As people, we take for granted, ignore and do not even challenge current traditions. We seldom ask, “where did that come from?”, we over the centuries continue tradition lest we be thought of as some type of anti-social being. We celebrate our Jewish savior, Christ’s birthday, on December 25th; never stopping to think, if there is no surviving historical data, “where did that come from?”. Pope Julius I, who died in 352 set December 25th as Christ’s birthday to fit a yearly celebration based on the Winter Solstice. The Romans already had a 7 day celebration from December 17th – December 23rd. The 24th was filled with drunken stupor and the 25th was designated as a holy day of prayer. It became ideal to honor Jesus, described as the real Sun God. Different Popes added different facets. St. Francis of Assisi added the stable and manger. The tree was added in the 7th century in Germany calling it the “tree of God”.
Santa Claus, was a tribute to Bishop Nicolas de Bari, Bishop of Turkey, Greece and Russia. He died on December 6, in 345 and it represented a perfect tribute to add him to the Christmas celebrations.
Mexico added the “Posadas”, (Way of the Cross) and the poinsettias. In 1843, London added Christmas cards and commercialization of Christmas has expanded significantly since. Historically it is believed Jesus was actually born in April based on biblical references of climate and the position of the stars.
Many, many unquestioned aspects of current life, we accept as gospel. We do not question who named the days of the week? Why do we celebrate the moon on Mondays, the Gods, Tuesday (Zues), Wednesday or Thursday (Thors Day) a Goddess on Friday, Saturn on Saturday or the Sun on Sunday. This is another aspect of living we just go along with never questioning who are we honoring each specific day or month. The name of months do not make sense until we learn the whys. December actually means the 10th month which it is not, all this minutia of information is another article. July and August thrown in to honor specific emperors changed our calendar forever, adjusting 60 days to our year.
In today’s world, narrow minds actually take facets of any religion as being imbibed with 100% truth. Some fanatical, naive, uninformed religious zealots actually kill to advance their warped beliefs. Not conscious of the fact a belief system is exactly that, a “belief”. A belief which stems from your mind and a manipulated interpretation handed down over a thousand years. The ability to think for yourself is a gift from God, seldom used in today’s society. Today we depend on outside forces to direct us, paying little attention to Gods voice inside each of us. It matters not if you are Jew, Christian, Protestant, Buddhist or Muslim. If you are not in touch with your benevolent inner spirit and in touch with your Gods blessings, no matter what you call your God, it will not be enough to save you from yourself.
This Christmas, we recognize the true God within us and ask for his guidance and blessings. May the joy of the season bring prosperity as we seek peace, tranquility and spiritual awakening. Merry Christmas!