Media Has Chosen a Side

As we transition into the campaign season, most thinking Americans will be confused by the antics; not so much by the candidates but the way media covers them. By now, voters should be totally aware media is on the Democrats team. Anyone who still has not yet reached that realization should be declared incompetent to cast a vote.
The fact Hillary Clinton is running for president should by all standards require those who have historically supported the Clinton’s to issue a disclaimer prior to any broadcast commentary. Of what purpose is the listening to interviews, debates, forums or accepting polls as gospel when we know full well they are biased. The list of media Clinton supporters is endless and validates my point; the media is the PR/Marketing arm of the Democrat Party.
Here is a glance into contributors to “the Clinton Foundation”, they pay no taxes and they decide where the money goes.
A partial list of one million – five million dollar contributors to the Clinton Foundation includes:
Carlos Slim – Chairman /CEO of Telemex and the largest New York Times shareholder, James Murdoch- CEO 21st Century Fox, Newsmax Media, Thomas Reuters-owner of Reuters News Service. Half a million – one million dollar contributors include: Google and News Corporation Foundation, up to half million, Houghton Miffin Harcourt-Publishers, Richard Melton Scafe owns Pittsburg Tribune Review. In the quarter million range, Abigail Disney- documentary film maker, Howard Stringer- former CBS News and Sony executive, Intermountain West Communications Company-local television affiliate- formerly Sunbelt Communications, the list of media and personnel is endless, George Stepanpoulos, Time Warner Inc., AOL, New York Daily News by way of Mort Zuckerman, HBO, Viacom, Public Radio International, Turner Broadcasting, parent company of CNN, Comcast-parent company of NBC, NBC Universal, Hearst, The Washington Post, Judy Woodruff television anchor and moderator, Outta West Communications Company. Space does not allow mention of all media who has already signed up with Hillary. Hillary has amassed a Billion and a half dollars for her campaign. So, let’s stop kidding ourselves, the media has put in the fix to lull voters to be taken in by the aggrandizement of Hillary at the expense of media tearing down conservative candidates as was with Obama. Low information voters who vote party instead of country are the target. Hillary’s strategy is to answer no questions, deny everything, be in favor of whatever is currently in vogue and let the mainstream media fend for her and defend her honor. Her husband campaigned with the slogan, “it is the economy stupid” in this election it should be “ it’s the leadership stupid”. For the past five years we have had no leadership and Hillary is an integral part of this no leadership administration. Her aim is to keep the status quo. America is in deep trouble. If we continue dismantling the integrity, defense, leadership, honor and freedoms of our nation we alone will bear the responsibility. Allowing the retrenchment of American weakness will be catastrophic. Presently we have a leadership plagued with risk aversion and a chronic psychosis of indecision. With Hillary we get the same double talk with a doubling down of slick, untrustworthy, secretive, controlling, duplicitous and media supported connivance. We cannot allow the encapsulation of our civilization ignoring the intentional return of a primordial existence in the Middle East. Tongue in cheek acceptance of terrorism through waffling and shading the truth by our incompetent leadership includes Hillary.