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Ophelia Project comes to JFK Memorial Hospital in Indio<!--:-->

“Me in 2020” Ophelia Project comes to JFK Memorial Hospital in Indio

On September 24th, the Ophelia Project, a volunteer team mentoring program for adolescent girls designed to encourage pursuing higher education and career options presented a art awareness art piece titled “Me in 2020”. The project was directed by local artist Gideon Cohn who led 150 Ophelia girls in painting their dreams on a composite canvas.
The art piece was displayed in the lobby of JFK Memorial Hospital in Indio where it will remain for several weeks.
The presenters included Gideon Cohn, artist, Dan Bowers, JFK CEO, Bill Powers, Chairman-Healthy Family Foundation, Susan Francis, Exec Dir.-Healthy Family Foundation, Judy Kaye-Cressman, Director of Volunteers, Events & Corporate Development, students Emma Espejel, Janeth Gutierrez and Michelle Chavez.
Students can get involved through their school counselor and must have a 2.0 GPA or better. The students all shared similar vision of helping others. Michelle intends to change the world by painting and assisting the immigrant population, Janeth intends to help persons within the community with problems and little government assistance, Emma intends to use the art of music therapy to assist children with autism. Bill Powers, Chairman of Healthy Families stated, “We are dedicated to helping teenage girls “dream out of the box”. Increase their self-esteem and encourage them to finish high school or provide them scholarships to go to college”.