McCain-Palin represents trust

America loves the breath of fresh Alaskan air

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As we inch towards election-day – November 4th, most of us will decide who we can trust. Many will never decide, they will just vote for the same party they always vote for. That is why we never experience change in Washington, we only experience rotation. Washington insiders whether elected or appointed are always on the periphery running the show one decade after the other. For Democrat or Republican administrations, the same names pop up. Rancid ideas never get disposed of, they just get recycled.

This year we have two hard core insiders Obama-Biden running against a political maverick with an outsider. If you are really serious about change, be honest with yourself, where do you think change will come from? Two saddle worn westerners one of whom happens to be a wilderness territory woman or two politicians both of whom have recently dumped best friends for personal gains.

The year 2006 when the economy started to go south was coincidently the same year Democrats took over congress with majorities in both the house and the senate. That is when everything stopped moving forward and the refrains “blame it on Bush” became the constant excuse for doing absolutely nothing. Immigration, oil, the economy, tax relief, the wars, health care, education, national security all took a back seat to winning the next election and increasing the Democrat margins of power. We as Americans get to pay for their inaction especially at the gas pump while they point the finger away from themselves.

In the meantime, McCain was being tarred and feathered by both parties despite his reaching out across the isle to Kennedy in an effort to salvage immigration reform. Remind yourself of the fact Democrats control and still do, both houses and immigration reform was defeated anyway. Can Latinos really trust Obama to do anything when he in fact has not presented a single piece of legislation? Do you honestly believe there is anything at all that would be a priority for Obama other than running for re-election the moment he would get elected? Obama is a professional campaigner he will do nothing that is not connected to moving him forward on the political chess board. Obama has spent his two years in the senate (140 working days) running for office. In his previous job as a legislator in Illinois, he voted “present” on 130 legislative bills rather than commit himself to politically sensitive issues which could possibly hinder his political aspirations. Immigration is about as sensitive an issue as you can get. This should be a clue to all Latinos’, reform via Obama is a pipe dream.

As a U.S. senator, Obama could have submitted bills to address health, education, taxes, immigration or any of dozens of issues he is now anxious for us to believe he would resolve. The truth is, he has submitted NOTHING, he was too busy running for president and he and Biden ultimately share in the reason why congress has a 9% approval rating. “Blame it on Bush” is a catchy refrain but we should all remind our selves, “laws come from congress, not from the presidency”. Bush could not pass a law even if he wanted to.

Remember, Bush wanted to pass an immigration reform law; he could not, it is not within his power to do so!

As voters, we need to become better educated and begin to decipher what is truth and what is fiction. Obama-Biden is fiction, McCain-Palin is truth. Obama could not bring himself to reach out to women by picking Hillary and he will certainly not reach out across the isle to solve problems. He never has.

We will soon discover that Hillary’s stance to advance women was also fiction as she embarks on a campaign with several of her lady friends to undo the possibility of having the first woman ever elected to the Vice Presidency. That should lead all Hillary supporters to question her women rights credentials. Is she for women only if the woman happens to be her? Fortunately, women in America have been honest about whacking at the glass ceiling and by all indications want to shatter that ceiling once and for all. Once a woman is elected to the second highest office in the land, there will be no turning back. Even Hillary will have a better chance despite the fact Obama and her party “good ol boys” turned their backs and did not support her.

Stand by for the reports from the 30 lawyers sent to Alaska to pick through Palin’s trash. Extreme Leftists will inundate media with pure filth intent on destroying a strong minded sincere woman. America, watch out! You may consider this move disgusting but bear in mind, politics emanating from Chicago where dead people have been voting for decades probably has a little to do with these tactics.

I for one, support McCain-Palin, my mother was a woman, as probably was yours and I just think America is ready for courage and witty instinctive intuition. Real change is coming and you can make it happen!