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Watson Makes Re-Election Campaign Official<!--:-->

Mayor Lupe Ramos Watson Makes Re-Election Campaign Official

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Statement With

City Clerk

Lupe Ramos Watson today finalized the process to place her name on the ballot for re-election to the Indio City Council by turning in her nomination papers and ballot statement to the City Clerk of Indio. The election will be held on November 4, 2008.

Watson, who is completing her first term on the Indio City Council, has been instrumental in providing leadership necessary to improve public safety by ensuring local police and firefighters have the tools and resources necessary to keep families safe.

“We have been working to reach out to all communities throughout the district,” said Jeandron “This campaign has been about knocking on doors and meeting with every possible person we can. I am a consensus builder that will continue to develop relationships with all the community leaders throughout the district. My message of safe streets, good schools, and a strong economy resonates with the Mayor of Calexico as well as the rest of Imperial County.”

“I’m proud that we have made Indio a safer place for families to live and people to work, and I look forward to continuing to a close working relationship with our city’s first-responders,” said Mayor Watson. Watson has also worked to bring needed improvements to local streets and roads to ease congestion and improve the flow of traffic throughout the City of Indio. “I believe the City Council owes it to the people of Indio to make sure the growth we have seen is coupled with an investment in infrastructure to reduce traffic as much as possible,” said Lupe Ramos Watson.

In addition to her support for public safety and her commitment to investing in adequate infrastructure, Lupe Ramos Watson has been a driving force behind the city’s fiscal discipline.

“I campaigned on a platform of fiscal responsibility, and because we have been prudent with taxpayer dollars, I am proud to say that Indio will not see drastic cuts in public safety or infrastructure projects that too often come with tough budget times like we’re in today,” said Mayor Watson.

For more information on Lupe Ramos Watson or her campaign for re-election, please call her campaign office at (760) 342-3366.