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Magnolia Insurance In Coachella

Magnolia Insurance with offices in Palm Springs, Cathedral City is now in Coachella. Magnolia Insurance specializes in insurance for those who find insurance difficult to obtain due to age, driving record or limited income. With experts in the field of insurance and many companies to chose from, Magnolia offers the lowest prices in the Coachella Valley.

The Coachella office is located at 49-975 Harrison St., Suite E and can be reached at 347-8795. Cathedral city is located at 68535 Ramon Rd., 328-1566 and their long established office in Palm Springs is at 1000 N. Farrel. Dr. across from DMV, 318-8446.

Photo is of Irasema German, insurance specialist who works our of the Palm Springs office. She reminds us that Magnolia Insurance offers free SR-22 and the lowest monthly payments.