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Lincoln Club To Host Lt. Governor Maldonado

Friday – Indian Wells Country Club Luncheon

David Moya
La Prensa Hispana

The Lincoln Club in Indian Wells will host Lt. Governor Abel Maldonado at a luncheon on Friday. Maldonado who grew up in a poor migrant farm worker family has persevered in accomplishing the impossible task of reaching the top levels of state governorship. It has not been easy for Maldonado with Latinos such as current Assemblyman Manuel Perez who voted against him following party politics and launching a false claim Maldonado was not a real Latino. After extensive protest from his constituents who saw this as a desperate attempt to keep another Latino down, Perez changed his mind. Obstacles such as these from closed minded politicians who follow strict Democrat party dictates prevent Latinos from progressing as our representatives. Maldonado who has a tendency to believe Democrats in the legislature has earned the ire of some Republicans who keep urging him to distance himself from those who intend to do harm.
Steve Sanchez running for the 80th Assembly seat will be attending the event as well as many other candidates for office.
Maldonado will address state issues and his approach to resolve the states continued drift towards joblessness. The California State legislature has been in the control of the Democrat party for many decades and it has become an impossibility to address budgetary constraints on any bi-partisan level. As of today, California does not have a state budget which was due on the governors desk three months ago. There is no indication a budget will be forthcoming anytime soon. Apparently California voters are content to keep unemployment, debt, representation and the overpaid and underworked State Senate and State Assembly as they are. There is not apparent effort to put two and two together and make the logical determination Democrats have a propensity to overspend, overtax and point the finger.
California residents might as well relax, enjoy the sunshine state and wait for the state to go bankrupt because that is where we as a state are headed under the leadership of a state controlled by senate and assembly Democrats including our two Washington based California Senators Boxer and Feinstein.