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Life Matters

On the anniversary of the invention of “hands up” – “don’t shoot” in Ferguson, Missouri, a phrase not uttered by aggressor or police, chaos has broken out. This slogan has been exploited to entice chaos and mayhem by “community organizers”, we used to call rabble rousers.

There is a crucial distinction between the way the right and the left view the world around them. Statistically since last years Ferguson riots, twenty nine blacks have been shot by police across the U.S. There are no statistics on how many of these shootings were necessary to save lives or control the situation. Twenty nine lives is regrettable, cause for introspection; certainly no cause to have nationally televised riots where millions of dollars in property are destroyed to make the point, “black lives matter”.

Regrettably, we as a nation no longer place things in perspective, we seem to run with a emotional flow totally ignorant of the realities of life. Twenty nine black lives taken by police are too many but 363 lives ended by falling out of bed, 50 were killed by lightening and 90 killed by a falling tree. Statistics for 2015 are endless and should give solace to minority communities, you are twice as likely to be hit by lightening than shot by police. Without demeaning the thought, black lives matter, we should place the blame for the greatest offenders for ending black lives where it belongs. It is NOT with the police.

Our current administration and party make no mention of the fact black lives are being butchered by their explicit, condoned and funded abortion policies. While the black community makes up 12.6% of the population, blacks represent 35.4% of all abortions. Five hundred and one abortions for every 1000 black births.

Black lives DO matter but we need to focus more attention on how law enforcement officials can help our communities thrive instead of allowing instigators to burn them to the ground.

The real disconnect with “black lives matter” is the endless politically motivated nonsense dribbling out of the White House, Reid and Pelosi attributing the need for subsidized abortion as necessary for women’s health. In truth, the abortion decision is made through the bifocals of MONEY. Rape or incest are at the end of the list. Government funded last resort for birth control is the true reason for the majority of the (sixty million), 60,000,000 abortions in the United States. At which point in history will the 17,000,000 black babies aborted matter? At which point will the lost contributions of these 17,000,000 eliminated black babies become a conundrum of “would they have mattered”? This will be a historical thesis to be discussed by great minds to come. We are now a nation caught between history and God. The message from the aborted would be “ I did not have a chance to find who I was but I gave you the chance to find who you are”.

For Latinas, the choice between priest and abortionist has become easier with the support of an entire political party. In the end, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid or Obama will not be by your side to explain the collapse of your contrived Christianity. The internal conflict experienced by anyone who has had an encounter with abortion can only be solved through acceptance of this oftentimes secret decision. Far be it for me to make light of this life changing decision. Life is not easy, we all arrive with a mission for some it is to die upon birth, for others it is to rethink questionable decisions and wait for the do over perhaps in the next lifetime.

The organized riots centered around one specific police brutality fabrication in Ferguson, Missouri are meant to focus attention on police behavior. Disregard for law and order is meant by instigators to spiral across the nation. They erroneously exalt what should NOT be done rather than what should be done to heal communities; Suffering communities deprived of common sense leadership.

A Police state is not something to which anyone should aspire. In an ideal world, the gap between civil society and police should be considerable. But, the public must be protected from criminal society and police infringement on civil rights. This can only be done with a sturdy wall of “law and order” led by the law abiding community. Riots are not the answer.