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Learning to Kiss the Devil

Democratic government is the choice by the people at large. We have an entrenched Democrat Party in control of a substantial portion of our democratic process. We also have an entrenched leadership allowing no room for authentic Democrat challengers to the presidential throne. Hillary is the anointed flag bearer. Smoke and sand are being thrown into the air in hopes of dimming her lights by supporters of Bernie Sanders. In reality very little separates the two as candidates. Sanders is an admitted socialist, Hillary is a shrewd politician who wants to fool the masses not sympathetic with the word socialist.
Socialists and 42% of our nation still believe there is such a thing as “free stuff”. Stuff doled out in exchange for political power. Believing in someone else paying for your goodies is akin to watching looters during street riots walking away with armfuls of free loot. There is no difference, only a misguided perspective.
The current $19 TRILLION national debt is proof our elected leaders think adding zero’s actually mean nothing. Today, China owns 25% of our economy. They have amassed this ownership through lending. Few citizens realize our leaders are hocking our futures, borrowing money from a socialist nation impossible to pay back. Democrats are opening doors to socialism. If you cannot beat them, join them. Our new ties with Cuba, our allowing Russia to take over the Middle East, our leniency towards socialism in South America all turn off the lights of our beacon of democracy. Our current leadership is not stupid. The turning off of America’s freedom lights are a reflection of current attitudes, “what difference does it make”? For those seeking unscrupulous power, it makes no difference. For those intoxicated by the thought of “free stuff”, it makes no difference. For those low information voters who cannot see past yesterday It makes no difference.
Freedom is not a choice between light grey or medium gray. As Americans we define our colors as red, white and blue. For some it is offensive. For veterans who have served to preserve your freedoms while serving under the banner of red, white and blue, it is a blow against our nation to disregard who we have fought to become. There is a current pretense evolving whereby as a nation we are becoming aware we are losing our zest for freedoms. There is a contrived strong dilution of will. We are not really trying to preserve our freedoms. The reality will come to light when the realization reaches all of us we have been hog tied and have allowed our leaders to sliver by sliver dismantle our constitution; in return they get political power.
Freedom for those aware of its value can be a gut-bucket of emotion brought on by our historical knowledge of where we came from and how we have evolved as a citizenry. There are dark periods in every evolution as a nation. We are no exception but that is not who we now are. Black lives matter but much more relevant is the fact all lives matter, including the unborn. Only the ignorant would emphasize color and delineate at what point we become children of God.
At the height of the crack epidemic, Michael Kinsley who perfected the genre of comic wonkery actually sent a reporter to smoke crack and report the high. Today we have politicians who are convincing the nation through wonkery to run towards national bankruptcy negating the thought someday those trillion dollar debts will have to be paid back.
We have politicians, inclusive of Hillary Clinton who are eager to convince us deficits or national debt is not relevant. “We owe it to ourselves” has become their mantra. What we as a nation owe to ourselves is the safeguarding of our constitution and any politician who arrives to tell us otherwise should be quickly sent packing by an aware nation. The nation we used to be, before we learned to kiss the devil. We have not yet learned to judge a politicians intention of the lie to fully grasp the level of their dishonesty