Leading from Behind does not Work

Since President Obama took office, the foreign policy of the United States has been “leading from behind”. Naiveté at our nation’s capitol has now brought us to the point of a Russian revival. Reagan’s efforts have gone down the drain. But, anyone younger than 30 does not even remember who Reagan was much less remember the cold war era and constant confrontations with the Soviet Union. Few recall the fear of living under Soviet nuclear threats, the frenzy of building of bomb shelters and the Soviet confrontations at sea with much more than war at stake. At stake was life on planet earth.
Wherever this ridiculous notion of showing U.S. weakness and letting other nations lead came from is the epitome of a reckless disregard of history and arrogance far from being understood. By letting others lead, we have in the past five years, lost Iraq, lost Afghanistan, lost Egypt as a friendly nation, lost Syria to the Soviet empire, lost all respect in Latin America and we are now subject to despot Iranian and North Korean threats of nuclear war. Threats of evaporating Israel are real. The loss of Egypt places Israel in extreme danger. Egypt had prevented terrorists from lining up along the border of Israel. That protection is gone and daily missiles, not mentioned by mainstream media into Israel prove that.
The Soviet Union with a strong leader has no fear of red lines and is taking the lead we gave him. The Soviet Union’s impervious Middle East advances now make the Soviet Union essential to any U.S. control of Iran. Without the Soviet Union, Iran has a free hand and Israel is in dire peril. Few people realize today’s problems in the Ukraine started in the Clinton administration when President Clinton along with England signed an accord by which the Ukraine would dismantle their armed forces and America and Great Britain would assure their defense. Obama reaffirmed the accord when he came into office. The Soviets looking pleased said “okay, we’ll go along with that” but never relinquished their Soviet Union control and bases in the Ukraine. In essence, the Soviets are not invading the Ukraine, they were already there. They are increasing their presence, and assuring control of a shipping port essential to the Soviet economy; they will not let go of this port under any circumstances. Putin will never allow that. At this point the powerful United States has resorted to a game of speeches by both Secretary of State Kerry and the President of the United States. The under their breath insinuation there would be a “red Line” coming has sent chills though the Putin hierarchy; Chills of laughter. President Obama cannot believe what is happening. Obama and Sally Fields have made the same speech. Sally Fields said “you like me, you really, really like me” upon receiving the Academy Award a few years back. Obama expressed a ludicrous friendship with Putin, “he likes me, he really, really likes me”. Remember the reset button trotted out by Hillary Clinton? Like has no place in foreign policy only strength is recognized. The Middle East nations are seriously after American heads. Our only ally in the Middle East is Israel and Obama is entrenched with the notion Israel should turn over part of their territory to the Palestinians to show good faith. Perhaps Mexico should take advantage of such folly by asking for California, New Mexico, Arizona and Texas. They were part of Mexico to begin with. Where do these asinine notions of governance come from? While it is true you dance to the music being played, why is it America must now dance to the music of our enemies?