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Leadership Turmoil

The world of politics today when viewed through the lens of evolutionary political history would be indicative of a regression. At minimum, there is an equilibrium we have lost. An equilibrium in our sincere simplicity. A simplicity we honestly believe we shall discover once again when our errors in selecting naive leaders cease. This is an infantile presumption coupled with the fact we have become childish people passing on to subsequent generations our madness both domestic and foreign of go along to get along coupled with political correctness. Our penchant for invented political correctness, our madness of redefining regression of personal freedoms as progress has led us to the blocked gate of the nation we were founded to be.
Generations ago we defined and restructured our human frailties inherent in racism, in slavery in socialism, in communism and now we are in a fast hurry to restructure a nation with the absence of God. This so called fundamental reform is no more than a socialist ploy to take over our country. By doing so in the name of well established Democrats, the lubricant becomes our past history, the likes of Kennedy and Truman who are historically seen as exemplary in the world of politics.
Today we excel in throwing both our universe and mind out of orbit. As in a drunken stupor, we ignite whichever political connivance of the day which suits us. We have political candidates as Hillary, who no longer speak truth, they speak in parables of a fictitious future world. A world with no semblance of what they have helped create or are actually creating. But politicians know this is exactly what we want to hear. Today we have leaders who astutely contribute and help build a world which cannot stand or support a freedom loving democracy.
The rebuilding, restructuring, rethinking of who we are, who we were and who we want to be has led to the ongoing phenomena called Trump.The rise of Trump sentiments is not about Trump, it is about the mutual feelings of frustration and disgust by the electorate being exposed by this Republican candidate. As the taken for granted electorate, subconsciously we know where our nation is headed. For the past eight years we have accepted this pronounced direction towards socialistic dependence. But, today as if struck by the lightening bolt of reason, the awakening, the itch of rebellion is upon us.
Politicians on both sides of the isle, Republican and Democrat entrenched leadership exemplify the coming together of both parties for the convenience of saving their own personal establishment rules of order. We, the electorate are treated as secondary, a dilemma rather than a priority. Pronounced anti Trump rhetoric everywhere you turn is orchestrated to include media, party Godfathers, wealthy donors, lobbyists, professional politicians and party loyalists who can no longer see a nation, only their self interests. We need to take note, once the turmoil settles, these very same establishment politicians will be leading our wagon train.
It is remarkable how this gross inversion of the truth has become todays political gospel. As each generation becomes progressively more assimilated into the two party system, the two parties who portend to represent our interests are in fact only representing theirs!
The Trump political steam train is being fed by an anguished electorate. Attempts by party leaders to derail the Trump train will only farther alienate a large segment of determined voters who will have an unrestrained compunction to go third party if not allowed to voice their frustration in the form of an anti establishment candidate. Republican Party leaders are also frustrated in not being able to control candidate selection through the use of force and manipulative funding. Gangs of establishment Godfathers are meeting behind closed doors to plot their moves.
As citizens we need to block out the voices of disdain, the whispering, hypnotizing God is speaking voice of Senate minority leader Harry Reid and the open eyed rhetoric of Obama pulled my chain Nancy Pelosi. Neither have our best interest in mind, they live, think and support party, not nation.
This election, 2016 will be our Darwinian way of getting rid of dumb politicians, the screaming elite who manifest the coalition of dependence. We will have two dogs after one bone with the entrenched political establishment very set in having one of their own win. Republican or Democrat.