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Lead or Get Out of The Way

Democrat-Socialism has reached main street America. Bernie Sanders, running for the Democrat presidential nomination unabashedly calls himself a Socialist Democrat. Hillary consistently plays a up-man ship game wanting to get further left than Bernie yet pretends she does not know the difference. The difference in todays world is simple: Democrats want to control the citizens with party politics. Socialists want to control the citizens with government. In Obamas world, they are the same. Is it any wonder Hillary does not understand the difference since she like Obama opt for both at their convenience. Bottom line, we lose.
More and more Americans are beginning to note we are headed in the wrong direction but the 40% of the population who believe Judge Judy is on the Supreme Court makes it difficult to address common sense when uninformed is the real issue. Mind sets who believe in Santa Clause also believe there is such a thing as free government stuff. This is where Bernie gets his constituents. When you espouse a 90% tax rate as Bernie does and you get a standing, cheering ovation it is simply unbelievable how intellectually regressed we have become. Free college is certainly not free if you only get to keep 10% of earned income.
Education has been turned into political platforms where classrooms have become little more than learning stages for conformity. With 95% of college professors acknowledging their political preference is Democrat, they often negate common sense as contrary to a liberal political agenda. College has become a reprieve for students with uncertainties about life and their specific goals. Highly successful individuals who have changed our entire standard of living and way of life were quick to grasp this and became college drop outs. Steve Gates, Edison, Ford to name only three from different eras.
Today we are confronted with a Republican political candidate, Donald Trump who is challenging the way we think. He is tossing political conformity out the window, he is challenging the status quo and he is questioning why we are choosing American weakness over preparedness and strength. Many who were asleep are waking up, they are revving their engines to get back into the game. Voters are starting to believe every individual can cast a vote which counts. We can move forward as a nation. Trump reminds many of Ronald Reagan.
Initially, many will not respond to Trump as I initially also did not to Reagan. As insight, I did not respond to Reagan due to the callous remarks of his political actor buddy, Senator George Murphy. He often stated, “Mexicans are the only ones who can stoop low enough to pick our crops.” Reagan loved Murphy and it took me a while to disconnect Murphy’s mindset from what Reagan thought. As it turned out, Reagan was a strong advocate for immigration reform. The fault it did not work as proposed can be laid at the feet of congress. A major point in the Reagan immigration reform bill to secure the border was totally ignored by congress.
It is becoming a wide spread belief our nation is not operating from a position of strength. Daily we see despots ridicule us openly, violate agreements, kidnap our citizens espouse Jihad, demand Sharia Law as supreme to our constitution and daily we see a lack of viable response from our leaders. While it is true no response is a response, as a nation we have previously always had an aversion to turning the other cheek when confronted with mockery of the principles and ideals we were founded on.
For many, including stagnant, status quo Republicans it is inconceivable Trump should get the nomination to run against the hand picked next president, Hillary, in what is being called Obamas third term. Long time Republican Party activists are fastidiously working to derail the Trump momentum. What we need to understand, we as a nation have been disarmed by our own leaders to accept widespread, murderous perversion in particular of a religious war not seen since the 17th century. We cannot survive as the Constitutional Republic we portend to be unless we have a leader who understands turning the other cheek, apologizing and scurrying with our tail between our legs makes a mockery of America. In a more focused world of Americas survival we must channel our conduct to coincide with our principled beliefs. We either choose to lead or we will be vanquished by the JV Team.