Latinos need to know Obama before they Jump on his Bandwagon

Marisela Garcia

Contributing Journalist

As the presidential campaign comes to full steam ahead, Latinos are being pushed onto the Obama train. This is a bad idea for all Latinos who continue to side with traditional family values.

Obama voted against the “Born Alive” bill which would have given medical care to aborted babies who survived the abortion procedure. Obama voted “Present”, for Illinois, a present vote is counted the same as a “NO” vote and Obama clearly knows that. Obama is attempting to present himself as a family values man while turning a blind eye to the most helpless of all, new born infants.

When confronted with this fact, Obama rather than own up to his beliefs, he lied. Obama stated he would have voted for the federal version of the bill if it had come up in Illinois. Numerous studies have shown the federal bill and the Illinois bill are the same; when it did come up in the senate, Obama voted against it. Even liberal minded senators Boxer and Clinton voted in favor of the “Born Alive” bill, clearly showing Obama is out of step with the American mainstream.

Along with Obama’s braggadocio of his support of Planned Parenthood for their abortion stance, it is clear to see Obama has no qualms about allowing born alive abortees to be refused medical assistance and placed aside to die. As he has stated, making the decision is above my pay grade”.

As Latinos we need to understand this has nothing to do with abortion. This goes beyond abortion to the point of putting to death a baby who for some reason, God has sparred.

We only need to ask ourselves one thing, “Would your God or Christ be in favor of killing babies who have been intentionally aborted and yet they survived?” You get to answer that question; then decide if you respect Obama enough to want to hop on his train and raise his arms in victory. The very fact the infant survived the abortion process should tell you God’s answer.