Latinos Must be Getting Smarter

There was a young man who would sell rabbit pellets as “smart pills”. After a few days, customers would return with the bellicose admonition, “these are nothing but rabbit droppings”. Of course, that substantiated the fact the pills were actually working; “now your getting smarter”.
Latinos who have always supported President Obama by 75% are now tracking at 52%. At this point, Obama Care is the secondary cause since the great majority of Latinos have not yet enrolled. The real stickler seems to be the obvious administration cynicism in regards to immigration. David Martin, who served in the first two years of the Obama administration as Deputy General Counsel recently told the New York Times, “ it would have been better for the administration to state its intentions clearly rather than being willing to lean whichever way seemed politically expedient”. The fact is, the Obama administration is loosing credibility with Latinos who were told only hard core criminals were being targeted but have seen over the past five years historic, record number of deportations with nothing more than running a red light as a criminal record. Undocumented Latinos see the relevance of deporting real hard-core criminals, they do not want them here either but running a red light is hardly a hard core crime. Many have escaped their homeland as a direct result of hard core criminal lawlessness. The fact the millions of adults deported have caused over 15,000 American born Latino children to end up in government foster care is never covered by mainstream media and is totally ignored as a humanitarian issue. Where are these government foster care homes?
Latinos are discovering Obama tells us how much it pains him every time he gets a chance; and this year during Hispanic Heritage Month from Sept. 15. – Oct. 15th he will be all over the air waves making another pitch coincidentally a couple of weeks before the November elections. He wants all Latinos to know voting Democrat again is the ticket. “This time, (six years after the reform promise) we really mean it”. Of course Democrats blame obstructionist Republicans but Latinos fail to comprehend the first two years of the Obama administration they did not need a single Republican vote to pass immigration reform. A reason for a lack of action is the need to string Latinos along with false promises to entice their votes at every election. Democrats running for office will double up on the message and assure us if re-elected, immigration reform will be in the forefront of legislation.
Obama was recently confronted by his lack of real concern by Latino activists and Obama openly reprimanded such audacity. You would not ask Jesus Christ if he was a Christian. Republicans are divided on the issue with border control being a priority. Border control was a part of the 1985 Reagan immigration bill, control never came to pass causing today’s problems. Many of today’s undocumented immigrants are a direct result of individuals coming in legally and simply overstaying their visas. Border control has merit, but will not be the final solution.
Latino Obama supporters are daily finding it more difficult to rationalize the lack of will to either put together a passable bill or stop the deportations. Washington Post columnist Esther Cepeda stated in an article on the same topic, “ the administrations most ardent Latino supporters will forever feel foolish knowing it has taken them this long to realize that the president has been stringing them along on an issue that strikes at the heart of their dignity.”
Perhaps the lower support number of 52% reflects the fact Latinos are getting smarter but once Obama declares with a broad smile, “hola amigos”, they will stand in line for a refill of smart pills. His consistent retort this past year of “ I can’t do anything about it” is being questioned by smarter Latinos. The 2014 November elections are destined to become an IQ test. After vicariously ingesting the smart pills being peddled by the administration and mainstream media, let us hope, we are all getting smarter.