Latinos Moving Beyond Magically Suspended Belief

As we approach 2014, Latinos across the country who have prostituted their vote in the belief the Democrat party will make all undocumented immigrants legal are waking up to reality. The immigration bill the Senate sent to the House Is totally lacking in good faith and the non-starter of an immigration bill seems intentional only meant to provoke ire against Republicans. The Senate bill is packed with hundreds of millions of dollars, money for entities that support the Democrat Party but have absolutely nothing to do with immigration. For many Latinos the constant finger pointing at Republicans and lack of good faith among Democrats is establishing a firm belief, the Democrat party is becoming a hotel for Latino losers. Latinos want to bring back color into their dreams and are not versed enough with the facts to understand railing against Republicans will not accomplish their goal.Instead of railing against Republicans, major influential groups now in bed with the Democrat Party need to return to the only party who has wanted to solve the problem since 1985 when Reagan provided amnesty. When was the last time Democrats provided immigration reform or amnesty? Historically, never! The Democrats derailed President Bush efforts to redo the immigration bill in 2007 banking on the fact it would be a good political vote getting strategy to offer reform by presidential candidate Obama. It worked! Latinos in majority numbers, enough to sway the election believed him when he said he would “pass an immigration bill his first week in office”. It turned out to not be the first week, not the first year, not his first term but now for certain they claim it will be after the 2014 elections if Democrats again become the incontestable house majority .
Latinos, your faith has stayed too long! How long can you live on a can of hope? We have a president who is smarter than himself and we have a nation of Latinos who keep picking new democrat masters not understanding the truth, “ picking a new master does not make you less of a slave”.
There is word Obama will not abide by the constitution again and will refuse to allow deportations. Two million deportations ago and twenty thousand Latino children being sent to foster homes, Latinos believed the same thing. When will Latinos say Democrats, thank you for your time then move on and forget the unfaithful love affair? Move on from your self imposed purple sea of doubt and work out a real solution with those who will deal with the truth, not as a bargain chip for your vote.
The majority of Latinos still do not really understand the politics of immigration, they only understand promises and feel compelled to continue to give second chances after being let down, ignored, lied to and courted out of political convenience. Connivance is actually a better word. “This time I really mean it, period, if you like America, you can stay in America”! Until I catch ya! Latinos are starting to understand what Obama means by “I will not deport any more of you”. In Obama speak, he means, “I will not deport any less of you either”. The Latino history of supporting Democrat candidates is based on a pavlovian response, obviously not on rational thought.