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Latino Coalition for McCain Gathers Momentum

September Storm

La Prensa Hispana

Staff Reporter

U.S. Secretary of Commerce, Carlos Gutierrez made a visit to Ontario to speak to a large gathering of Latino leaders from across the state of California. Many leaders joined together including mayors, Assembly and senate leaders, the California Secretary of Education, David Long, former National Treasurer Rosario Marin and a host of others.

Gutierrez emphasized the major differences in proposals on taxes, energy and trade between McCain and his Democrat rival. “This election can markedly change the United States, it is about being able to compete with the whole world, about trade and doing business. The United States has 11 free trade agreements while other countries intent on joining the world markets such as Chile have 50. The United States needs to reach out with trade agreements with many countries to stimulate our business economy and outreach instead of attempting to sink the ones we have.” Gutierrez stressed the fact the Democrat candidate has never been to the countries he talks about rescinding or re-negotiating treaties with, the democrat candidate talks change but wants to follow a restrictive trade course followed by Carter over 30 years ago.

The Democrat candidate “ fails to understand the fact 50% of all new jobs created have been done so by businesses less than five years old. Instead, he demonstrates a total lack of understanding by attacking business, going for higher taxes and making it more difficult to compete”.

In conclusion, he stated “in the end, it matters very little what the Democrat candidates says in an interview, what matters is his record, what has he actually done? That seems to be the question on everybody’s mind, what has he done?”

Gutierrez continued, “there is a growing consensus among Latino leaders that the Democrat candidate cannot handle the power, he has not demonstrates the guts to stand alone, he has not always done what is right for the country and the Democrat candidate in his short three years as a senator has sponsored over 1Billion dollars in wasteful pork barrel projects while McCain in his 26 years in office has never sponsored a single pork barrel project.”

With a United States discretionary budget of 800 billion per year, understanding waste is a significant attribute for the next president of the United States.

Gutierrez concluded by reminding every Latino that John McCain has for many years been working side by side with Latino American citizens to understand and help resolve border issues including South America and Cuba.