Lady Justice Awaits as Liberal Senators Grasp the Sword of Damocles over Supreme Court nominee

Feminist demonstrators wearing pink vagina hats, carry signs with words that cannot be spoken in polite conversation.  They protest the nomination of Supreme Court Judge Brett Kavanaugh.
The moment he was nominated to the Supreme Court, liberals howled that abortion would become illegal.  They are wrong, abortion would not be outlawed.  Leftist claims about what would happen if the 1973 Roe v. Wade Supreme Court Decision were overturned, are false.
Before Roe there was no federal law regulating abortions.  Some states had banned it; except when the life of the mother was endangered; such as Texas.   In some states, such as New York and California, abortions were legal.
One of the most contentious decisions in history, Roe v. Wade became a law suit in 1969.  Norma McCorvey, a 21-year-old with no job, and no husband, was pregnant with her 3rd child.  Texas allowed abortion only when the life of the mother was endangered.   Feminist Dallas lawyers claimed Norma had a right to an abortion in Texas, that she should not need to leave Texas and travel to a state where it was legal.   She was given the pseudonym Jane Roe; the case started in Wade County, thus Roe v. Wade.  The case went all the way to the Supreme Court.  Norma’s baby was born during the court cases, and given up for adoption.  Later Norma McCorvey became an intensely prolife activist.
There have been landmark controversial Supreme Court Decisions such as racial segregation and ‘separate but equal’ which were subsequently overturned.
Roe v. Wade remains unsettled and in doubt.   Candidate Trump said that he would appoint pro-life justices.  In a recent television interview, President Trump said that if Roe were reversed, the issue of abortion would be left up to each state.
Chuck Schumer and other leftists in the Senate are making abortion the issue that would nix a well-qualified candidate from becoming a Supreme Court Justice.  Recent rulings by activist judges have abandoned the Founders intentions by creating new constitutional rights.  These rulings are not from strict interpretations of the Constitution, but strayed into the legislative function.
Due to such behaviors on the part of activist judges the media now labels candidates as right (constitutionalists) or left (activist) and calling for the court to be balanced rather than unbiased.  Activist judges are not what the Founders aspired to for the Supreme Court.
The Supreme Court is intended to be non-political.   Statues of Lady Justice are blindfolded because she seeks justice according to the constitution; blind to politics or to other factors.  Using abortion as a litmus test to deny an appointment rips the blindfold from her eyes.  The Senate’s attempts to tip the scales of balance is inappropriate.
Lady Justice must maintain her interminable role in history.  She is compelled to remain blindfolded keeping the scales of justices even, not premeditatedly tipping to the right or to the left with each appointment.
Darlene Casella was before retirement an English teacher, a stockbroker, and owner/president of a small corporation.  She lives in Bermuda Dunes, California and can be reached at